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The Best Hamburger Recipes for Any Occasion

If the only hamburgers you are familiar with are greasy ones from fast food outlets or lackluster Frisbee-like disks from the freezer, you have been missing out. Homemade hamburgers are really delicious and, better still, they are easy to make, even for novice home cooks.

New Heavenly Hamburger Ideas

Everyone enjoys cheeseburger recipes but have you ever thought of adding the cheese to the patty mixture, rather than topping the patty with a slice of cheese? How about using different toppings for your burgers, like grilled onions, pineapple rings, sliced jalapeno, or sautéed mushrooms. You do not have to use beef to make hamburgers either. Ground turkey, chicken, pork or lamb can be used instead. There are also recipes for fish burgers and bean burgers.

Here at RPN we have taken the content of our old dedicated hamburger site and integrated it into all the other great stuff we do here. You will find tips on how to prepare the best patties and how to cook them to perfection, whether you want to use the grill, the oven or cook them in a pan. Continue reading

Breakfast cheese burger recipe is not your usual fast morning breakfast but one that is sure to satisfy that morning hunger. When thinking of breakfast you don’t normally think of the cheese burger but after working 3rd shift for several years I wanted something more filling and satisfying than the normal breakfast that is served. I had this small local dinner that we would go to after work and everyone would order breakfast when I requested a cheese burger one morning the server informed me they didn’t serve burgers for breakfast.

I smiled and told her to add some egg and bacon and call it a breakfast burger the owner agreed to serve me one and had one himself it wasn’t long and this breakfast cheese burger was on the menu and was a big hit for the local dinner. Try this Breakfast cheese burger recipe and enjoy the great taste of burger in the morning. For a lighter version use sausage instead of ground beef and can be served with any type of bun and toppings of your choice.

Breakfast Cheese Burger

If you are a person who gets tired of the traditional breakfast fare, you are not alone. Many people do not eat breakfast because of this. Burgers are America’s favorite fast food but many restaurants refuse to serve burgers during breakfast hours. Well what typical constitutes breakfast? Eggs, bacon, ham, or sausage. Awesome! Continue reading

I set out on a quest to solve the mystery of where hamburgers came from and this is what I learned along the way. Each story depends on which state you live in I began to realize. There is also a difference in the kind of buns used for them whether they use a bun or are more sandwiches like, kind of like in between two slices of bread. Did you know there was only one who served them on a bun? In 1891 – Oscar Weber Bilby was the sole person who did this at the time all the rest of the history claimants served them on two separate slices of bread like a sandwich.

If you ask your grandmother how she began making them and where it came from, she will give you a different answer from the grandmother living right across the street. This is the reasons it is so controversial a topic and so disputed as to where they originated. Nevertheless, we should understand that most histories are based on family recollections and memories. This is exactly the reason why where you live greatly influences what history you believe in.

Anyway, what all of us surely agree on is that they are definitely one of the best food creations ever invented. Here is a fancy way of using ground beef. This is what is known as hamburger steak. I consider it one of the truly great recipes for them and I fell in love with it from the first bite. It is simply that good and the roasted vegetables are the perfect pairing to go with it now I might also suggest some sour cream mashed potatoes too. Continue reading

Why Hamburgers are so Wonderfully Unique and American

Best Hamburger RecipesThe whole world loves this classic American food icon but they are especially dear to most American hearts. There are so many ways to make a them and so many variations. The great thing about making them homemade is that you have total control over the ingredients so you can use herbs or spices to give you the very best flavor.

Different Types of Hamburgers

Everybody has his or her own favorite recipe and his or her own ideas about how to make the perfect one. Whether you use round, sirloin or chuck steak makes a difference in the flavor. You can even make them out of lamb or ground pork patties. Do not forget chicken, turkey and even tofu is among the many variations of this classic cookout food.

Some Recipe that are Out of this World in Taste

As the weather warms and people start doing more outdoor activities you’ll notice more and more grills being fired up. Grilling season begins! Many wonderful foods mark the beginning of summer foods such as, sausage, steaks ribs, and hot dogs. Perhaps the most enjoyed summer food of all though is the hot dogs and hamburgers. When they are cooked on the grill is by far the best way to enjoy these All-American favorites. Continue reading

Where Did Hamburgers Come From?

Where Did Hamburgers Come FromGround meat has been enjoyed since ancient Egyptian times, often in the form of pressed meat patties, although hamburgers have different names in different places.

In the early thirteenth century, Genghis Khan and his Mongol army, who conquered two thirds of the known world, would often remain in their saddles for days on end, without dismounting from their horses. This meant they did not have time to build fires or cook meals.

The village would follow the horses on wheeled carts, with herds of animals, and they would shape ground mutton or lamb into patties which the men could eat while they traveled. When the men rode, the patties would go under their saddles and the bouncing movement flattened and tenderized them. Continue reading

If you like to make great hamburger recipes the following recipe is very good. Horseradish, mustard, green bell pepper and more are used to add flavor to the ground beef and sweet, juicy grilled onions are the perfect topping.

If you do not have a place on your grill to cook the onions, try cutting them a bit wider and threading them on to metal skewers. They are done when they are soft with nice grill marks on them. You can use sweet onions like Vidalia, yellow onions, red onions or any kind you like try and stay on the sweeter end of the onion spectrum as the burgers have enough heat on their own. Feel free to add a slice of cheese if you want. Mozzarella or cheddar goes well with the onion flavor. Onions are the perfect companion to this burger their sweetness is a nice contrast to the spiciness of the horseradish and the Colman’s mustard gives the burgers a bit of bite.

One of my favorite flavor profiles is to take and balance spicy food with a sweet element this keeps the spice from being overwhelming and gives it in my opinion a nice balance between the two tastes. Don’t get me wrong I love spice but I have to admit I have a true sweet tooth and I walk that line between savory and sweet. Now too much of one or the other is not good for the palette in my opinion and this is true for both, too much sweet is not good, and too much spice and it makes you lose the subtle nuances in the dish this is really apparent in a dish like chili hot is great but not totally hot or you miss out on all that is happening in a loaded chili recipe. Continue reading

Chives and caramelized onion transforms this plain patty recipe into a gourmet hamburger recipe. The top sirloin makes a change from normal hamburger meat too. Caramelized onions are easy to make and they taste wonderful on gourmet hamburger recipes like this one. The salad is crisp and refreshing and the herb buns are full of flavor and are more gourmet than sesame seed hamburger buns.

You might want to follow an herb bun recipe and make your own. Alternatively, you can just buy some. These gourmet hamburgers are also good in whole wheat buns or ciabatta bread. If you do not have a grill, you can cook the burgers in a skillet over a medium high heat and they take about the same amount of time to cook. Alternatively if you have a cast iron grill pan it will be a nice happy medium not quite the same as the barbecue but a nice alternative method if you don’t have a grill or the weatherman is not cooperating with your cookout plans.

I have to admit I am spoiled and have an indoor grill as with having five guys in the house needless to say grilling plays a large role in the preparation of meat in our house and living in New England it is just too long to wait for spring to satisfy their need for smoke and meat. I personally do think that burgers of any kind are elevated to a new level when grilled but let’s face it we are not all so fortunate in the grill department as I am or live in a climate that allows for it year round. Now if you’re like my son caramelizing onions is an art and a thing of slowly loving them until a deep golden brown and they become so sweet they are like candy. You do not have to be so patient just make sure to keep them moving we don’t want black onions here. Continue reading

There are hundreds of hamburger recipes that you can find online, and each recipe has something special to offer. There is no such thing as “the best hamburger recipe,” mainly because everyone likes hamburgers in a different way. In order to create tasty hamburgers, it is up to you to utilize the best blend of meat, spices, oil, and cooking that works for you.

There are many ways to prepare hamburgers, but every one of the many hamburger recipes there are have one thing in common: steak meat. Often hamburger meat is cheap or low quality meat, and this usually turns out making poor hamburgers. It is better to avoid cheap or low quality ground beef as much as possible.

The best hamburger recipes all call for high quality meat for the hamburger. Usually sirloin meat makes the best hamburgers, and the high quality meat has plenty of taste. It is important to find ground beef that has a balanced mixture of beef fat and meat. The fat is where the majority of the taste is, and you want to have enough fat to give the hamburgers flavor. Too much fat will make the burgers greasy, so find a meat that has roughly 20% fat content.

You can add a number of vegetables to the hamburgers to make them tasty, and onions and garlic are the two most common vegetables used in hamburger recipes. If you can dice garlic particularly fine, it can help to add a pleasant, rounded taste to the hamburgers. Putting too much garlic can make the burgers too strong, so it is important to add a moderate amount of garlic.

Onions lend their tangy flavor to the rich garlic and meat taste, making the perfect blend of flavors for a tasty burger. It is better to cut the onions very small, as large pieces of onions in hamburgers are not very pleasant. You can even blend the onions up in a food processor before adding them. However, you also want to go easy on the onions, as they can sometimes add too much tang to the burger taste.

The spices that you use are a vital part of making the best burgers. Salt and pepper are a given, but you can use garlic powder, chicken bouillon, chili powder, paprika, parsley, or even a pinch of cumin and curry powder to add variety to the burgers. It is important that you add spices that only enhance the flavor of the meat, but adding too much will simply drown out the steak taste.

Adding a splash of oil to the recipe is vital, as is adding eggs. Both liquids serve to hold the meat together, and they both add flavor to the meat. Using a bit of ketchup and mustard can finish the flavor of the meat, and you can mix up the batch of burgers ready to cook.

Where you cook them also affects the taste. Cooking them in a pan will usually draw out the juices of the burger effectively, though the flavor of the burgers is not enhanced much. Grilling burgers can add the smoky and woody flavor that everyone loves, and most people will agree that grilling burgers over apple or hickory wood is one of the best ways of preparing America’s favorite food.

Hamburger recipes can be a lot of fun, and you can come up with your own creative and unique hamburger recipes. There is nothing that dictates what the “best hamburger recipe” is, but each hamburger is made according to the tastes of the cook. If you want to have fun getting creative with your hamburger, you may find that adding a few unique condiments or spices may be a great way to create your own burger:

Mustard is a standard condiment to spread on your hamburger bun, but there is nothing that dictates that you cannot add it into the ground beef. Adding a bit of spicy Dijon mustard to the ground beef can be a great way to add some kick to the burger, and it will give it an earthy, rich flavor.

Ketchup is another condiment that you can add to your burgers to change the flavor. Instead of a meaty burger, you may find that adding ketchup to your hamburger recipes will give you a burger that is slightly sweet and very savory.

Barbecue sauce can be the perfect addition to your hamburger recipe, and adding a bit of BBQ sauce is the perfect way to ensure that the smoky flavor of your hamburgers is enhanced. By adding BBQ sauce into the ground beef, you can impart the flavor before it is even cooked.
Worcestershire sauce is used in a number of the best hamburger recipes, and you will find that adding the slightly salty sauce can enhance the taste of your burgers. Be careful of adding too much, as that will make your burger taste too much like A1 steak sauce.

A few lemons can be squeezed into your hamburgers for a very creative and unique taste. It will be a flavor that is very out of the ordinary, but you may find that the slight tang infused into the meat is a pleasant one.

Adding chili powder to your burgers will not make them spicy, but they will give the burgers a rich earthy taste. Adding a sprinkle of chili powder brings out the flavor of any meat dish, and using it for your burger recipes is a great way to add taste.

Curry powder may seem like a strange spice to use for a hamburger, but the taste of curry is actually a pleasant one. If you want to create a unique tasting burger with an original recipe, you may want to consider sprinkling a small amount of curry powder and cumin into the ground beef.

These are just a few ways that you can create your own unique tasting burgers, and you will find that experimenting with different ingredients can be one of the best ways to improve your culinary skills. By experimenting with different ingredients and condiments, you may be able to come up with a recipe that will be “the best hamburger recipe” for your family.

Hamburgers, pizza, spaghetti, and fried chicken are some of America’s most favorite foods. Not surprisingly, 3 out of 4 of these are finger foods, perfect for filling meals and easy cleanup. The best hamburger recipe is adaptable to many different flavors, choice of buns, and type of cheese and toppings. Hamburgers can be fried on the stove, baked in the oven, and perhaps the favorite method, cooked on the grill. It is really the choice of the cook and in many homes the grill expert is the man of the house.

Some of the toppings you will find for the best grilled hamburger recipe include crispy bacon, fried onion, mushrooms, guacamole, chili, cheese and fried egg.

No matter who is eating the hamburger, the choices are endless. Visitors who tour the United States enjoy French fries and hamburgers and count on it as part of their vacation must do list. Hamburgers can be served at a party, a picnic, or a traditional American meal. They are available at many sit-down and fast food restaurants and you can make a better burger when you try it at home for less money and better healthy servings. Continue reading

So many different hamburger recipes are created every year that it would be hard to claim the world’s best hamburger recipe has been developed yet. One thing for certain is that as you look through the many recipes you will quickly find several that appeal to you and your family. What are some of the things that make a delicious, memorable hamburger?

The way it is cooked is definitely high on the list. When you decide to grill the hamburgers the family will be pleased and the neighbors might be a little bit jealous that you thought of grilling something that smells so delicious.

Another ingredient of the world’s best hamburger would certainly be cheese. Whether white, golden or orange, cheese adds flavor and texture to a hamburger and keeps people returning for more. Continue reading

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