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This delicious dish, known as ‘country style’ or ‘peasant’ potatoes in Romania, is a popular side dish there. The recipe varies from region to region and the original dish was cooked over a wood-burning stove or open hearth. The potatoes should be a little crispy on the outside but very soft inside. A lot of recipes add onions and not much else, but the following recipe includes ham and a little garlic, which you can leave out if you prefer.

Bacon could also be used as an alternative to the ham. Throw in some fresh thyme and rosemary if you have some. This delicious dish is hearty and smells amazing. Serve them with anything – meat, fish, poultry, seafood, or even as a standalone snack on a buffet table. You can imagine how good this dish is going to smell while you are cooking it. The ham or bacon and onion sautéing together smells divine, and once you add the potato slices to that mixture, the aroma is sure to make your mouth water.

Although this is a peasant dish in Eastern Europe because it is made with basic, easily affordable ingredients, it has a sophisticated flavor because of how well the ingredients combine. Combining potatoes and onions with meat is a classic cooking technique. Perhaps you have some ham left over from your Easter meal and you are looking for recipe ideas for leftover ham, in which case making this the following day is a great idea. If you have enough dinner guests, ingredients and a large cooking pot, you can double or triple this recipe easily enough. Continue reading

Quick & Easy Baked Ham Recipe

Are you looking for a delicious recipe that is good for the holidays and big family get togethers? Try my amazing Easy Baked Ham Recipe today! Watch my easy to follow recipe video that i have posted below for a step-by-step tutorial on how to make this delicious Easy Baked Ham in your home today! Easy baked ham recipes are great for any holiday meal. Just follow the easy cooking directions below to get started!

Easy Baked Ham Recipe

This easy baked ham recipe is a perfect dinner entree for that family Easter celebration. It is moist, sweet, and delicious with the brown sugar and pineapple layered amongst the ham.

This is absolutely wonderful served with baked Macaroni and cheese or a dish of seasoned Mashed Potatoes. This makes a wonderfully easy dinner that will be loved by all the family.

It requires minimal preparation and can be served straight from the oven or just after allowing to set for a few minutes.

Serve this easy baked ham recipe with potatoes, steamed green beans and crunchy French bread. Follow this lovely Easter dinner with a beautiful and holiday fitting Carrot cake. An Easter dinner celebration could not get much better than this easy baked ham dinner. Continue reading

There are many ways to bake ham and even more ways to add a bit of flavoring to it. Many people like such things as pineapple, orange marmalade, honey, and how about cola soda? It is a wonderful ham basting liquid its high sugar count and distinct flavor bring out the natural goodness in ham. When picking out a ham for this recipe try to pick one that is leaner as the fat is really a waste for one and those kinds of hams tend to be saltier which doesn’t lend well to this recipe.

Ham is one of those meats where spending a bit more for a better piece of meat pays big dividends in overall quality and satisfaction with the outcome. Besides those cheaper, fattier hams you are paying less money but for more inedible product as where a better ham will be a much higher amount of useable product. A budget idea is plan your ham buying for after one of the major holidays especial ones that traditional feature ham as the supper meal. Ham after these days is often at very reasonable prices and it freezes well so it is a good time to stock up and save.

As for side dishes if you have guys I am sure they will insist on mashed potatoes of some kind once again use real potatoes not instant (yuck) the real deal is hardly any more work and the outcome is night and day difference in taste. A little secret is if your family doesn’t mind the skins leave them on for a more rustic taste and to this instead of milk use either some form of cream or even better sour cream for a more baked potato kind of taste. Continue reading

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