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If you associate pizza with takeout food, then you might not have made your own pizza recipes before. Pizza can be limp, soggy fast food, or it can be wonderfully aromatic, flavorful, crisp, and homemade. Making your own pizza recipes is something that any home chef can learn, because you can make as much of the pizza yourself as you want.

For example, if you are new to such recipes, you might like to purchase a pizza crust and jarred sauce and then just prepare your own toppings. For a more homemade touch, you can gently simmer your own pizza sauce recipe on the stove while you chop the toppings.

If you want to make the whole thing from scratch, then it is not hard to make the crust too, and that also means you can take your pick, choosing a thin, crispy crust, a thick one, or something in between the two.

Amazing Pizza Recipes to Relax With

AmazingItalianRecipes.comPizza makes wonderful comfort food and is a nice dish to relax with at the end of a long day. You can even make healthy pizza recipes if you do not want to have a lot of fat or calories.

What about a thin, crispy, whole wheat crust with an herbed tomato sauce, topped with fresh veggies, chicken and your favorite cheese? If you are looking for something a little more indulgent, then you might like New York style crust, topped with a creamy garlic sauce and then some meat, spices and several kinds of cheese.

You can find plenty of ideas at if you want to make your own homemade pizza recipes, and you can make your pizza however you want it to be, choosing the crust, sauce, and toppings. Everyone has their own favorite kind of pizza, which is why making your own is such a good idea, because you can make your pizza exactly as you want it.

So Many Types of Pizza

Perhaps you already have a favorite kind of pizza, such as pepperoni, BBQ meat, something with seafood, or perhaps a simple pizza margarita. Making your own pizza recipe means you can choose the crust, sauce and toppings you like. If you are making your own dough you can also choose what size and shape to make your crust or crusts. Consider making individual pizzas or a rustic rectangular one.

Serve the pizza as a snack or as a meal, either by itself or paired with vegetables, a salad, or even fries if you do not mind the extra carbs. You can even enjoy the leftovers for breakfast the following day! If you have never tried that, by the way, you should. Some people even make extra so they can enjoy the leftovers too.

If you are cooking for a crowd, consider serving any ‘extras’ on the side. Perhaps not everyone wants those jalapeños or hot red pepper flakes on their pizza, so serve them on the side and people can add whatever they like. The same goes for sauce. Another option is to make a couple of pizzas, perhaps a spicy one with meat and a simple one with chicken and something like pineapple or mushrooms, and then people can choose whichever they like. There are no hard and fast rules about making homemade pizza except for this one: have fun making it!

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