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Valentine’s Day is not just for the grownups. Kids love to play a role as well. So how are you going to get your kids involved this Valentine’s Day? One way they could be helpful is to assist you in the kitchen, if you are planning to make a special valentine dessert or a batch of valentine cupcakes.

Perhaps you want to make something special to surprise your partner, and giving a special homemade gift from you and the kids is sure to delight your other half. Cupcakes are always a good idea because there are lots of different cupcake recipes to choose from. Also, it is easy to find valentine type decorations at this time of the year, so you can make a pink frosting for your romantic cupcakes and get the kids to help you with the chocolate candies or heart-shaped jellies you use for the decorations.

Kid-Friendly Treats

If you want to make a Valentine’s Day treat for your kids, to remind them of how much you love them and how special they are to you, then you could make some cute cupcakes for them, or you could even make something else.

Valentine Recipe for KidsChocolate-dipped strawberries are easy and fun to make, or you could use cherries instead. What about a chocolate fondue? Dipping fresh fruit or marshmallows (or both) into melted chocolate is something which is guaranteed to put a smile on your kids’ faces.

The Perfect Dessert to End Your Meal

SimpleDessertRecipes.orgDessert recipes are something that every home cook should add to their repertoire. A dessert not only offers something sweet, and an opportunity to use fresh seasonal produce, but it is also the perfect way to end your meal. Desserts are just as good after a casual meal as an elaborate one, although the type of dessert you want to make might be different.

If you want to serve something simple, what about making a fluffy mousse, or a layered gelatin dessert? Kids love colorful gelatin recipes and so do adults. A more elegant dinner might call for something like a homemade chocolate mousse or a sherry trifle. A lot of dessert recipes can be made ahead and kept in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve them. Others, such as bread pudding or fruit cobbler, need to be baked, and you can serve these hot or warm, with custard or whipped cream.

Choose the Best Dessert Recipe

When choosing which dessert recipe to make, to end your meal with, consider the meal itself. If you are serving something heavy and filling, you might prefer to serve a sorbet or simple gelatin recipe, as a light finish. If the meal is simple and light, you can serve something heavier as the next course. Perhaps you fancy making a frosted chocolate cake or another rich recipe.

You can find all the dessert recipes you will ever need at including gelatin recipes, cheesecake recipes, tips for making great mousse, hot dessert recipes, and plenty more.

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Originally Published in Our Issue #15 February 14, 2012 Newsletter

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