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The art of grilling burgers is a skill that has to be learned usually with a lot of trial and error before it is finally gotten right by the family grill-miester. Grilling burgers at home is not the same thing as those burgers that are grilled at your favorite burger joint wither.

Most of those places have the big commercial cooking surfaces that they need to achieve their success in burger grilling. On the other hand, regular folks have to get by with using either charcoal or propane and an outdoor grill to achieve burger-grilling success and those outdoor grills are not all the same either.

If you are using a grill that cooks using charcoal exclusively as its source for heating and cooking then you have to decide what kind of charcoal that you are going to use. Choosing the right charcoal is not just limited to the brand name that you will use, but what ingredients that are incorporated into the charcoal to achieve taste, and yes charcoal has a lot to do with the taste of a grilled burger. Continue reading

Italy has provided some wonderful dishes and risotto is just another one that is popular and tasty. It includes meat, rice, and vegetables and takes a lot of practice to get right, especially with the stirring.

When doing other tasks, it is easy to spoil the recipe. Amazingly, someone created a crockpot risotto recipe which eliminated a lot of the stirring. The results are very good and your meal will be nearly as good as if you spent hours stirring the mixture over a hot stove.

Chicken is delicious when it is made part of the recipe. Arborio rice is high in starch and the traditional choice when making risotto. When using high starch rice, stirring makes the starch release, adding a creamy texture. Continue reading

One of the all-time favorite American foods is of course the hamburger, and there are also some all-American favorite burger joints too. The hamburger can found in venues other than restaurants too such as baseball and football games, fairs, and carnivals.

People also make hamburgers and do so using different methods of cooking. Still, there is very little argument that the best burgers are the ones that you do not have to make yourself, but that you buy from your favorite burger joint, which most likely is famous for their burgers and how they are made.

Perhaps one of the most interesting facts about popular hamburger joints in America is that the hamburger recipes that these restaurants use contain ingredients that are unique to the region and reflect local culinary tastes and preferences. Continue reading

Soup is commonly served before a meal. But who wants hot soup in the middle of summer? What about cold soup? Gazpacho is a traditional favorite, as is vichyssoise. But gazpacho can be mistaken for salsa, and who really relishes the idea of cold potato soup unless you know it’s coming.

In Scandinavian and Slavic countries, they make lovely creamy concoctions from fresh fruits. They are sometimes served as dessert, as they are both cold and sweet, but traditionally they were a first course, as a way to awakening the taste buds and giving the diners a preview of things to come.

Fruit soups are served in soup “plates:” shallow bowls that hold just about a cup, and generally have a wide flat edge. This is because they are served cold in general and this kind of bowl lends better to the chilled soup. Continue reading

Traditional Mexican foods include desserts such as luscious puddings, custards, and deep-fried pastries. The indigenous Mexican flavors could be cinnamon, chocolate, almond, caramel, fruit, or cheese. Bread or even corn is often used for more robust versions.

The variety of sweets included in authentic Mexican food recipes is attributed to the Spanish nuns who vied with each other to produce interesting treats for special occasions, religious holidays or to honor visiting dignitaries. Some of the classic dishes sweet and savory, originated this way. Even today, Mexican nuns are noted for their elaborate desserts and confections, some of which are sold to raise funds for church or charities.

Other typical desserts are pastries, such as Buñuelos, these are deep-fried fritters (similar to flat doughnuts) flavored with honey or anise and cinnamon syrup. Another is turnovers called empanadas, which are filled with a variety of sweet mixtures. Fruits, particularly the tropical ones and coconut often appear in desserts and confections. Continue reading

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