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Popular Breakfast Foods

Infograph showing popular ideas for breakfast foods. This is not an all-inclusive list but gives a pretty thorough idea of many of the possibilities. Laid out for quick reference to what you need to know…

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First of all, what are GMO foods exactly? Most of us have heard the term but not all of us know exactly what constitutes GMO (or genetically modified organisms). A GMO is an organism (either animal, plant or microorganism) whose DNA has been altered by ‘gene engineering’ rather than via natural recombination or mating.

Some genes are transferred from one organism into another one, and this can be related or unrelated species. Genes are either added or removed/inactivated. The reason behind this might be resistance to fungus, insects, viruses, or herbicides, improved storage or flavor, or changed nutritional content.

Once a satisfactory plant is produced, seeds are gathered and field-tested for regulatory approval, and then the company has to seek approval for the crop to be marketed. After that, the seeds are mass-produced so they can be sold to farmers to grow. The grown crops are then sold in countries where selling GM food is allowed. Some are eaten as they are while others are sold as commodities and then processed into food ingredients. ‘GM food’ is the name given to food made in this way. Continue reading

As millions of Americans look forward to sitting down with family on Thanksgiving to feast, where many will overindulge, there will be millions of adults and children sitting down to an empty table. As abundant as food is in this country, many waste more food each year then others even receive. Many Americans think of hunger and malnourishment as third-world problems, but the truth is that hunger is prevalent in America too. In our area, large lines form at the mobile food truck that goes to local towns to distribute food to needy families. Here in Northern CT, food is given out by the group and they deliver things like fresh vegetables and fruit, which was in the past a major lacking point in the diets of needy families.

The numerous volunteers who offer their time, and churches that allow their parking lots to be used as a gathering point, are a blessing that many would otherwise go without. By the looks on the faces that gather, many of these people are handicapped in some way, veterans we have forgotten, and the elderly. These people deal with the elements year-round despite heat or freezing cold, so that they may feed their families. There are too many indifferent Americans who are blind to them and most would just prefer to forget them altogether, pretending it simply doesn’t happen.

The sad truth of it though is that many are there not out of choice but thrown there by the health and economic choices made for them – people who, despite inclement weather, stand out in the freezing cold and wait for the friendly Foodshare truck to show up, would rather be anywhere else, and only do it because kids and family need to be fed. Therefore, I put this out there for you to add to your Thanksgiving blessing and prayers – that these saddened faces may find some hope and that you say a prayer and count your blessings that you are not among them. Many studies find that the numbers of Americans that are not in this situation yet are dangerously close to being there themselves. It does not take much for it to happen. An unexpected illness or loss of what was thought to be safe and secure job are not as farfetched as you might think. Continue reading

Think of poverty and the first thing to come into your mind might be starving children in Africa or shanty towns somewhere in Southeast Asia, so it might surprise you to hear the official poverty rate in the United States in 2013 was 14.5% meaning the issue is much closer to home than you might have realized. So what does 14.5% percent mean? Look at it this way – it means there were 45.3 million people living in poverty in the US last year. A lot of people do not realize just how serious the problem is, or that, shockingly, 1 in 6 US residents is living below the poverty line.

1 in 7 households were food insecure last year, while 1.6 million kids had to stay in a shelter or emergency housing. Being poor does not just mean unable to afford the latest gadget or having to buy a used car instead of a new one. Think of it this way – someone living in poverty is going to have to make tough decisions every single day. Do I pay the heating bill today or spend the money on a bus ticket to get to work? Do I feed my kids a square meal while my wife and I go hungry, or do all 4 of us eat tiny portions? Do I spend my last $5 on food or medicine?

Something else many people do not realize is what type of people experience this type of poverty. Forget the stereotypes; poverty is not exclusively reserved for high school dropouts, drug addicts, ex-cons, or alcoholics living on the streets. Poverty can affect literally everyone including young adults, newly unemployed seniors, minimum wage earners, the unemployed, families, war vets, and, perhaps worse of all, 1 in 5 children in the United States is living like this. Someone might get made redundant from their job or face a major medical bill. There are all kinds of reasons for poverty and it can happen overnight.
Continue reading

The Best and the Healthiest Homemade Hamburger

You can now make the best hamburger recipe at home anytime you want because today I will be sharing with you the best techniques on how to make a homemade hamburger. I just love making burgers myself at home and it is really a good idea since you are able to prepare this recipe the way you want it to be. Hamburger is healthier and tastier and it is never a junk food when it’s homemade because you control the ingredients and the cuts of meat used to make it. I love hamburgers because they satisfy my hunger like nothing else, there are so many types to choose from, and I also love the fact this meal is so healthy when made right. I can choose the right meat, the type of cheese, and the healthiest and freshest toppings so I get the perfect result.

The ingredients for this dish are full of nutrients like the bun which is a very good source of carbohydrates which we need for energy. In addition, the fresh vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals and do not forget the juicy patties which are very high in protein. Gather the following ingredients for the best and the healthiest homemade hamburger ever. Be sure to choose the freshest and cleanest ingredients and your burger will taste amazing. Choose from grilling the burgers or cooking them on the stove, and then you can choose how to assemble them.

Sliced tomatoes, grated cheese, salad leaves and avocado are all good, while some people like to add bacon or caramelized onions to their burgers. Knowing how to make a homemade hamburger is fun since everyone has the chance to make their own style of burger and choose the ingredients they want. It is also great way to have a family bonding moment. Continue reading

Easy Asian Beef Salad Recipe

An Asian beef salad recipe is the perfect salad for anyone looking to eat a little lighter. Asian salads with beef are full of robust colors and flavors. You can find a recipe for Asian salad with beef to be the next best thing to sliced bread. This is a hearty meal which can be a lunch or a dinner recipe. Next time you want something different and unique, try making and Asian beef salad recipe.

Asian Beef Salad Recipe

A taste of the orient served in a luscious salad! Tender steak slices in a tangy oriental sauce with just the right sweet flavor. Tender salad greens, ruby red bell pepper strips, and crunchy water chestnuts offer an exciting taste sensation. This lovely and oh-so-delicious salad makes an excellent dinner entree. Serve with a side of vegetable egg rolls for a totally complete, light, oriental dinner.

Complement this dinner with a cup of hot green tea for a comforting and filling meal. This is nutritious and tasty and very easy to prepare. Vitamin-rich, protein-packed, and bursting with flavor, this will become a family favorite. Great for those busy game nights when you want something a bit more exciting than pizza or burgers. Make a large salad bowl of Asian Beef Salad and let guests help themselves on the next pot luck dinner night. You will find this becomes one of the most requested entrees salads everywhere you take this delicious dish. Continue reading

Tips for Planning a Wonderful Chicken Parmesan Recipe

Since chicken can be enjoyed in a variety of delicious dishes it is one item you may want to consider stocking up on when you are grocery shopping, especially when it is on sale. Some of your chicken can be safely stored in your refrigerator provided you keep it cold enough and some can be stored for future use in your freezer. Chicken is one food that you really want to be sure to keep an eye on as far as the expiration dates go since it can be hazardous to your health to eat outdated chicken.

Chicken is also one of the foods that need a bit of TLC when working with it. Bacteria can spread fast from raw chicken so be sure to have a good antibacterial soap, paper towels and hot water handy. Keep utensils and countertops clean while preparing your chicken dishes and especially afterwards. To be sure your chicken is thoroughly cooked it is highly recommended to own a meat thermometer and follow the internal temperature direction guides quite carefully.

Be sure there is never any pink showing in your cooked chicken. Following just these few suggestions can help everyone thoroughly enjoy chicken without risk of getting sick. There are so many wonderful chicken meals to enjoy and chicken parmesan is just one of them that your whole family may just love. Continue reading

Brining turkey pretty much guarantees a tender, moist roast, although brining is optional. Brining is done by dissolving a few tablespoons of salt in several quarts of water and soaking your turkey in this mixture before cooking it.

Meat naturally contains a lot of water but not much salt, so when you brine turkey, some of the salt from the brine goes into the meat and some of the water from the meat goes into the brine, making the meat drier and saltier. The salt then begins to modify the turkey, pushing the proteins apart. This allows more water to come into the meat and makes it more moist. A turkey can be 10% heavier after brining.

Despite all this, some people choose not to brine, believing that brined turkey does not taste as meaty as non-brined meat. Also, you cannot use drippings from a brined turkey to make gravy because the drippings are too salty. If you still wish to try your own brined roast turkey recipes, the following is very good. Continue reading

Everyone loves chocolate desserts and when you add nuts, the recipes become even more appealing. Take the following chocolate triangle recipe, for example. Boasting pistachio nuts as well as chocolate, cocoa powder and more, this luxurious dessert is really sensational. The dessert is made in two stages. First the dough is baked into cakes and then you need to make a glaze to go over one side.

The glossy glaze contrasts nicely with the soft, crumbly chocolate triangles. This is an unusual dessert which is impressive enough for a dinner party. You can make smaller wedges if you want to serve them with ice cream or whipped cream. Chocolate mousse served on the side would also be good or, for a contrast, what about fresh raspberries or sliced strawberries on the side?

You can make the triangles and glaze them in advance if you want, and they will keep for several hours in the refrigerator. They will keep for a few days actually but the texture will be soggier after a few hours so it is best to serve them as soon as you can. Continue reading

The following recipe blends potatoes with ham, onion, Cheddar cheese and more to make a wonderful gratin recipe. This dish is best served piping hot and bubbling with some fresh parsley. You can serve this by itself for lunch or supper, or make it into a more substantial dinner by serving your favorite vegetable on the side. Broccoli, green peas, string beans or sprouts would all work. This scalloped potato and ham recipe can be spiced up with a few drops of hot sauce if you like.

The word “gratin” applies to any dish which is topped with a browned crust. Butter, grated cheese and egg are popular gratin ingredients. This dish originated in France and gratins are usually made in shallow dishes and then broiled or baked to make the top golden brown. Sometimes you might like to bake your gratin and then broil it for a couple of minutes to brown it more. A gratin dish is a shallow dish which you can bake gratins in.

This scalloped potato and ham recipe is just one example of a tasty gratin. You could also make gratin recipes with ingredients like mushrooms, asparagus or other vegetables. Some vegetable gratins are nice served alongside a piece of meat, such as some pork, chicken or a steak. You can bake or broil your gratin while you pan-fry or grill your meat or poultry. Continue reading

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