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Christine Szalay-Kudra

My name is Christine and I am delighted to welcome you here. Food is such a huge part of our family's lives and being able to find menus, recipes and cooking tips in one place online is something busy parents can really appreciate, which is why the Recipe Publishing Network aims to bring you exactly that.

Choose from all the best meal ideas which your family will love, and learn cooking tips such as how to marinate chicken, how to make a fantastic salad or how to make Mexican food, as well as sweet treats like cookies, cakes and pie recipes.

Find out how to make recipes using rhubarb, asparagus or seafood, and discover quick and easy meals which will taste like you spent hours slaving over a hot stove. The Recipe Publishing Network offers recipes, cooking tips and meal ideas regardless of budget, taste or occasion, so there is something to tempt every palate.

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Smoky Bourbon Cola Barbeque Ribs

The best way to cook meat has to be on the barbeque. Flame-grilling is ideal for meats such as steak, chicken and especially pork spare ribs like you will see in this recipe. This recipe features barbeque sauce to add amazing flavor, and this marinade also includes cola and bourbon for added depth of flavor.

As well as showing you how to prepare and cook the meat, this video recipe shows you how to prepare a charcoal grill for slow cooking over an indirect heat, which is very handy if you are not sure how to arrange the coals on your barbeque or how to tell when they are hot enough. You can also see where to put the ribs in relation to the hot coals, which is handy. The pot of sauce is allowed to smoke in the grill along with the meat to make it smoky and thicken it up, and then it is used to baste the ribs.

The video is just a few minutes long but it tells you absolutely everything you need to know about how to make spare ribs on a BBQ. This is a great summer recipe and one you will want to make again and again. The ribs take 4 hours to cook and then you can serve them with the rest of the hot and sticky sauce spooned over the top.

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Terrific Tiramisu Recipe

Tiramisu is one of the most famous desserts to come out of Italy. Although you can buy readymade tiramisu in the grocery store these are usually of mediocre quality. The only way to serve tiramisu is to make it yourself. You can then enjoy the wonderful freshness and flavor. This dessert is one of the most popular to come out of Italy and Italian restaurant menus usually feature it because of its popularity.

A lot of desserts are tricky to make or might not come our right because people are unsure how much to mix the ingredients or whether a mixture should be soft or thick. Using a video recipe eliminates the doubt because you can see exactly how each stage of the tiramisu should look and what the finished dessert should be like.

Tiramisu goes beautifully after any kind of meal and even if you are serving a hearty main dish you will find there is always room for tiramisu! This coffee-flavored dessert is cool, creamy and typically Italian. Although there are different recipes to try, you will enjoy the consistency of this one as well as the flavor. When you add the coffee you might also want to add a splash of Marsala wine or dark rum. This is optional and the chef does not add any, but some people like to, and it is worth doing if you want an authentic flavor.

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This flavorful salsa is made with canned tomatoes, which are an ingredient found in most people’s cupboards. Add onion, lime juice, jalapeño, cilantro and more to convert these juicy tomatoes into a wonderful salsa. This is a good recipe if you are out of fresh tomatoes and cannot get to the store, or if you happen to prefer the canned kind.

This budget salsa recipe has a nice, fresh flavor, thanks to the lime juice, onion and other fresh ingredients, and it is lovely on tacos, flautas, nachos or added to any sandwich or salad. Have you made salsa before or do you usually buy it? Either way you will be happy with the simplicity of this recipe, since you just need to combine the ingredients and taste as you go, to make sure it comes out really well.

Salsas range from mild to fiery, and you can make your own homemade salsa as spicy as you want. If you are unsure how spicy you want it to be then add the jalapeño a little at a time, tasting as you go. The same applies to the lime, so just add a bit of lime juice at a time. You will be able to taste when the salsa has the right flavor. This keeps for up to 3 days in the refrigerator although it probably will not last that long. Continue reading

A fiddlehead is a type of fern and they are actually really good for you. High in potassium, iron, riboflavin, niacin, fiber, zinc, vitamins A and C, and magnesium, fiddleheads are also rich in antioxidants and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, so you can get a wealth of nutrients every time you eat these. These greens are the curled-up frons of a young fern. Their name comes from the fact they resemble the scroll on a stringed instrument like a violin or fiddle.

You can get fiddleheads in some grocery stores and restaurants albeit only seasonally. The recommended harvest if you are picking your own is 3 tops per plant because picking too much will kill the plant. This crop is used in Indian and Asian cooking, and fiddlehead ferns are also found in some areas of Northeastern North America and in Canada. They are usually boiled or steamed and then eaten hot with lemon and butter or hollandaise sauce. They can also be eaten chilled in salad or combined with mayonnaise. Take the skin off before cooking them and boil them twice, changing the water between the boilings. Steam them for 10 to 12 minutes or boil them for 15 minutes.

This video shows you how to prepare the fiddleheads and then blanch them in boiling water. There are also plenty of tips and tricks, and serving suggestions too, so if you are wondering what to do with fiddleheads you can find out here. The flavor of fiddleheads is something like asparagus, broccoli and artichoke, so you can always try them as a substitution in recipes. Continue reading

This makes a fabulous side dish or main meal. It is also good to take to a picnic or potluck dinner. Various veggies are combined with cheese, mayonnaise and more to make a colorful, appealing dish. Top it with a cheesy cracker topping to add crunch and bake the casserole in the oven until it is hot, bubbly and aromatic, and serve it to your hungry family or dinner guests. This is a very easy recipe and you can use any vegetables you want. Betty is using frozen mixed vegetables in the video as well as some fresh ones, but you can use all-frozen or all-fresh if you prefer.

Casseroles do not have to contain meat or seafood and in fact some of the most flavorful ones are vegetable casseroles. The reason for this is the absence of meat means you will be more conscious of the flavors of the vegetables and appreciate them more. The creaminess of the mayonnaise and cheese goes really well in this recipe and the crunchy topping is also delicious.

Betty makes this in her own kitchen and takes you through the whole recipe, step by step, giving plenty of tips along the way as well as discussing the recipe itself and offering serving suggestions. If you have some vegetables to use up or you want to ensure the family is getting their 5-a-day, this veggie-rich casserole is sure to do the job. Eating your vegetables does not have to be a challenge if you can make great meals with them. Continue reading

Easy Beef Stir Fry

Absolutely anyone can make a stir fry. This Asian style of cooking is quick and easy, and the video shows you everything you need to know in order to make this flavorful dish. You will need a wok, which is like a deep skillet with sloped sides, as well as a spatula. A stir fry is a dish made with chopped or sliced ingredients and some kind of seasoning or sauce. The ingredients need to be cooked in a hot wok.

Because the ingredients cook quite fast you should prepare them all before you begin, so make sure everything is sliced, chopped or ready to add before you start to cook. This beef stir fry features beef, ginger, garlic, green beans and more, giving you a nutritious and really flavorful dish. Learning how to stir fry is partly about the recipe but largely about the technique, and in this video the chef describes the techniques you need to learn to make a good stir fry.

You can also see roughly how much of each ingredient to add, and you can see that the ingredients are moistened in sauce and not swimming in them, which is a mistake a lot of home cooks make. Beef stir fry makes a nice lunch or dinner, and you can add any ingredients you want to the wok to make the recipe your own.

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Fried Chicken KFC Style

Fried chicken is not difficult to make but a lot of people are unsure how to make fried chicken and instead prefer to buy it. What if you could find out how to make a wonderful fried chicken recipe which keeps the chicken moist but the batter crispy and delicious? Take a look at this fried chicken recipe video and learn how to make your very own KFC chicken to wow your family tonight.

The trick is to double-dip the chicken in an egg wash and flour, dip in the egg wash then the flour and repeat a few times so you get a nice coating on it. The coated chicken is then added to hot oil and allowed to fry perfectly. You can see how the chicken changes color as it cooks and you can compare your own fried chicken to the fried chicken in the video so you know when it is done.

The best fried chicken has a really crispy skin and once you find out how easy this is to make at home you will never want to bother with the takeout version again. Homemade fried chicken is quick and easy to prepare and it works out much more affordable than buying fried chicken too.

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This healthy lasagna is meat-free and low in fat. Perhaps you stopped eating lasagna when you began a low-fat diet because of all the cheese, beef and creamy sauce, but take a look at this recipe and you will see how easy it is to make a healthy vegetable lasagna recipe which is reduced in fat but not in flavor. Featuring mushrooms, zucchini and spinach, this colorful, nutritious and flavorful dish makes a fantastic family dinner.

Even if you usually make the same type of lasagna every time, give this recipe a go because it really is special, and nobody will be able to tell it is a low-fat dish. The video lets you in on all the secrets about preserving the fabulous flavor of the lasagna without having to use fatty ingredients to make it. If you are not bothered about low-fat then you can use regular versions of the ingredients. The lasagna will be yummy either way.

You can adapt lasagna recipes as much as you want, using different types of cheese or trying out different veggies. Try a mushroom and Swiss chard lasagna or an eggplant and bell pepper version. The sauce can be creamy or tomato-based, or you can alternate more than one sauce between the layers of lasagna noodles and veggies. Lasagna recipes get passed down the generations but it is always fine to tweak them if you want, especially since we have cooking methods and ingredients our lasagna-making parents and grandparents did not have access to in their day. Continue reading

Try this easy recipe for fried rice and you will be so glad you did. Not only is it yummy but it is filling and nutritious too. The onions, beans, carrot, cabbage and bell pepper go beautifully with the rice, adding color, crunch and flavor. The garlic, green onions, soy sauce and other ingredients all work nicely in there too.

The first thing you need to do is prepare your ingredients and get everything ready. Then heat up your nonstick wok, add oil and the veggies. Keep them moving because you are cooking over a high heat and you want everything to cook quickly and evenly. The video tells you in which order to add the ingredients to the wok. Use a large wok if you have one, because else when you toss the ingredients around you might spill some over the edge of the wok. The vegetables smell beautiful while they are stir-frying. Before you know it, it is time to add the rice, so you need to add that and stir it in.

Leftover rice is perfect for this dish, and cold rice which is left over from the previous day is better for fried rice recipes like this one anyway. This Chinese-style recipe can be served as a side dish with meat or fish, or you can even serve it as a main dish. It would be good for lunch or dinner. If you have long or short-grain leftover rice rather than basmati rice, you could use that. In fact, any kind of rice and veggies works for this dish. That is what makes vegetable fried rice so easy to make. Continue reading

Making a stir fry is quick and easy, which means such a dish would be great for supper on a busy weeknight when you do not have hours to spend in the kitchen making dinner. Choose from meat, poultry, fish, seafood or a vegetarian option such as tofu to be your base, or else make a vegetable-only stir fry recipe. The vegetables have sufficient flavor of their own and you can add more in the way of herbs, spices and your sauce, giving the stir fry as much piquancy, sourness, sweetness and other flavors as you like.

A stir fry is not the same as a sautéed or pan-fried meal. When making a stir fry, you need to keep the ingredients moving, which is why it is called stir-frying. Slice your ingredients as thinly as possible to minimize the necessary cooking time, and cook the denser ones first. In this recipe the spices are fried in oil first, then the dense veggies are added and then the rest. You can see step by step how to make this tasty dish.

This video recipe shows you how to make a Thai vegetable stir fry which tastes authentic and delicious. Thai recipes vary in flavor, ingredients and difficulty, but there is nothing hard about making this. You will need a wok, which is like a skillet with sloping sides, a spatula and the ingredients. Once you have made this you will probably want to explore other vegetable stir fry recipes because there are so many to choose from. Continue reading

Vegan Potato and Spinach Cake

This video shows you how to make a healthy vegan recipe, potato cake. The red potatoes are combined with spinach, rice milk, garlic and more, to make a satisfying and flavorful potato cake. The sliced potatoes are topped with fresh spinach and sauce, and then these layers are repeated. Once you have assembled the potato cake you bake it in the oven until the potatoes are tender, the potato cake is hot, and it is golden brown on top.

This recipe is suitable for everyone, since it is vegan-friendly and also makes a good side dish along with meat, poultry or fish for the carnivores. You can experiment with the recipe if you wish, perhaps trying another kind of potato or adding your favorite herbs or spices.

The potatoes make this recipe filling and substantial, and the spinach adds nutrients as well as color. The sauce keeps it moist and delicious. It can be difficult finding exciting recipes if you are a vegan or cooking for a vegan visitor, but this recipe is a keeper because it is so simple yet so good. All you need are the potatoes and spinach and a few store cupboard ingredients to add flavor. Once you make this you will definitely want to make it again.

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How to Make Italian Easter Pie

This wonderful Italian dessert features a pastry crust and a tasty filling made with ingredients like candied orange and lemon, cheese, vanilla, butter and more. Although this is traditionally served at Easter it is very nice to serve at any time because the flavor is so good. The pie has crisscross pastry strips on top to give it a charming look.

Easter Pie is best cooked a few days in advance to allow the flavors to blend and intensify. Serve slices with a fork, because it is very crumbly. This video shows you how to make this authentic Italian pie in your own kitchen, and the fact it is a video means you can view each step of the preparation to make sure you are doing it right.

Italian Easter pie originated in Naples, Italy, and it actually dates back to pagan times when the egg used in the filling mixture represented springtime and the start of new life. The modern version of Pastiera (the Italian name for Easter Pie) is believed to have been invented by a nun in a Naples convent, who wanted a cake as a symbol of the Resurrection. She wanted the cake to have the aroma of orange trees which grew in the gardens of the convent, and that is why orange blossom water or orange liqueur is added to the recipe.

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