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Whether you are serving your eggs as they are, making a deviled eggs recipe, or boiling eggs so you or the kids can decorate them, you will need to know the answer to “how do I boil Easter eggs?” Boiling eggs is very easy. You simply need to add the raw unpeeled eggs to boiling water and simmer them for the correct amount of time, then let them cool, unless you are serving them hot.

Eggs which are several days old are easier to peel, so you might like to buy your eggs several days in advance. Hard-boiling farm-fresh eggs means they will be harder to peel. If your boiled eggs are difficult to peel then refrigerate them for several days before trying to remove the shells and they will come off easier. Boiled eggs will keep in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Hard-cooked eggs have firm yolks and these should be simmered not boiled. If the water is boiling too fast, the white will toughen and you might see a greenish ring around the yolk which is harmless but not nice-looking.

How Do I Boil Easter Eggs?

How Long to Boil Eggs

The exact time depends on the recipe you are making with the eggs. For example, soft-cooked eggs will require less time than hard-cooked eggs. For most Easter egg recipes though, you will want to hard-cook the eggs.

If you are using medium-size eggs, give them three minutes in simmering water for a soft-cooked yolk, five minutes for a medium-cooked yolk, or twelve minutes for a hard-cooked yolk. Large eggs will take four or five minutes for a soft-cooked yolk, six minutes for a medium-cooked one, or seventeen minutes for a hard-cooked result. Add an extra minute on if your eggs are extra-large.

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