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Few dishes can claim to be healthy, easy to prepare and delicious all at the same time, but a grilled vegetable recipe will always hit the spot. Vegetables are an economical choice but you can do such fantastic things with them. If you are grilling burgers, steak, or chicken, why not add some juicy veggies to the grill as well? If your making the main meat dish on the grill then doing the veggies there also is a sensible choice in the fact that you only have to worry about one cooking vessel not having to run into the kitchen to check on something while your meat burns away on the unattended grill while you’re gone. will walk you through how to make the best grilled vegetables ever, whether you are looking for advice about choosing and preparing veggies, or whether you just want some ideas for vegetable recipes. You can serve your grilled vegetables as they are, perhaps marinating them before cooking, or you can make them into pizza toppings, soups and much more. Grilled veggies are really versatile. Much of the vegetable content is the same great content we had on our dedicated veggie site before we expanded to cover all things barbeque not just the veggies. So, see we actual got our grilling roots founded in the vegetable end of the grill and therefore know veggies well.

New Grilled Veggie Ideas

Perhaps you have already experimented with grilled vegetable recipes, in which case can offer you some new ideas for your favorite veggies. You can add flavor by adding wine, spices, herbs, and other seasonings.

New Grilled Veggie IdeasIf you are looking for exciting vegetarian recipes, our grilled vegetable recipes are delicious and satisfying enough to serve without meat, fish, or poultry, if you choose. You might like to use your favorite vegetables, livening them up with a sauce, a marinade, or a special spice mix, or perhaps you fancy trying out some new, exotic veggies. The grill is the perfect place to cook them, giving you the most tender, juicy results. The nice thing about doing vegetables on the grill is it brings out the natural sugars in the vegetables and gives them a nice caramelized and smoky taste all at the same time and the fact that it is so easy is just an added bonus. Most vegetables don’t need any special treatment to be done on the grill and therefore it is the easy solution to your side dish needs.

A grill is a handy piece of kitchen cooking equipment to have and the smell of steak or chicken cooking to perfection on a sunny day is what grilling is all about, but adding a grilled vegetable recipe to the meat and chicken means you can make a healthy, easy and totally mouthwatering vegetable appetizer, entree or side dish too. There are so many vegetables that are perfect when grilled try ones like zucchini, eggplant, summer squash and many more you can even grill romaine lettuce on the grill for a nice grilled salad if you chose.

A Brief Grilling Tip:

Always preheat your grill before you begin to cook on it. This process is done in about 20 minutes to ensure it hits the ideal temperatures that keep your meat from taking too long to grill and to prevent bacteria that might be already on the grill to effectively die. Ideally, you will want your grill to hit 400 degrees if you are going for high, 350 degrees for medium high, 300 degrees for medium heat and 250 degrees for low heat. As an added bonus, this is going to help your meats sear upon contact which adds a depth of flavor to the meat and can help you to get the caramelized color that is considered to be the ideal color for meat that has been cooked on the grill.

Another thing that is absolutely the best on the grill is corn on the cob. Who doesn’t love nice fresh sweet corn? Well grilling it is really easy and can be done a few ways on the husk just soak them in cold water for an hour and then just put it on the grill the water will keep it from burning while it cooks. Another way is to husk it and roll it in foil and cook it that way with some butter in the foil and it is pre-buttered if you’re of the mind to use butter with your corn.

Originally Published in Our Issue Issue #1 May 31, 2011 Newsletter

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