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This delicious dish, known as ‘country style’ or ‘peasant’ potatoes in Romania, is a popular side dish there. The recipe varies from region to region and the original dish was cooked over a wood-burning stove or open hearth. The potatoes should be a little crispy on the outside but very soft inside. A lot of recipes add onions and not much else, but the following recipe includes ham and a little garlic, which you can leave out if you prefer.

Bacon could also be used as an alternative to the ham. Throw in some fresh thyme and rosemary if you have some. This delicious dish is hearty and smells amazing. Serve them with anything – meat, fish, poultry, seafood, or even as a standalone snack on a buffet table. You can imagine how good this dish is going to smell while you are cooking it. The ham or bacon and onion sautéing together smells divine, and once you add the potato slices to that mixture, the aroma is sure to make your mouth water.

Although this is a peasant dish in Eastern Europe because it is made with basic, easily affordable ingredients, it has a sophisticated flavor because of how well the ingredients combine. Combining potatoes and onions with meat is a classic cooking technique. Perhaps you have some ham left over from your Easter meal and you are looking for recipe ideas for leftover ham, in which case making this the following day is a great idea. If you have enough dinner guests, ingredients and a large cooking pot, you can double or triple this recipe easily enough. Continue reading

Potatoes are a typical side dish, not only at Thanksgiving but any day of the year. Even during the hottest summer months potatoes can be enjoyed in the form of a creamy potato salad. In this recipe however they are oven-roasted for a hot, crispy side dish boasting plenty of flavor in every bite. We are using Yukon Gold potatoes and also adding some caramelized red onion and garlic for a sweet, festive flavor in the finished dish.

This is a very easy recipe to prepare and there is not much that can go wrong. The first thing to do is prepare the oven and cover a baking sheet in parchment paper. If you do not have any, use nonstick cooking spray instead. Try to cut the potatoes into equal-size pieces more or less, so they cook evenly and the smaller pieces do not burn before the bigger ones are ready.

You can roast other vegetables in the oven at the same time if you want. We are using garlic, red onion and chili powder for flavor. Why not add some sliced mushrooms as well? Throw in some butternut squash and Brussels sprouts too if you like. A few sweet potatoes would also work in the dish. This recipe is ideal for festive occasions such as Thanksgiving or Christmas and you will find the potatoes really easy to make. A little chopped parsley stirred into the finished dish is optional but it works nicely, so you might like to add it. Continue reading

While your friends and neighbors might be referring to this holiday as ‘turkey day’ you might not share their sentiments exactly, although everyone wants something special on this holiday, even the non-meat eaters! Are you cooking for vegetarian guests this Thanksgiving or perhaps you are a vegetarian yourself? Consider the following recipe which is made with sweet potato, wild rice, cranberries, and pepitas, and is filling, tasty and easy to prepare.

You can bake the potatoes if you wish or else just microwave them because that is quicker. The rice filling is simple to prepare because you just need to simmer it in chicken stock until tender, then drain it and mix in the other ingredients. Because you have double the carbs (sweet potato as well as wild rice) you might like to serve something fresh and green on the side, perhaps an arugula based salad or some steamed asparagus.

This recipe makes 6 servings so you can scale it down unless you are feeding a crowd of vegetarians. Use small sweet potatoes and halve the rice mixture if you want to serve this as a side dish with your turkey. This recipe combines sweet, savory and spicy elements for a harmonious balance. Continue reading

flavorful. Hasselback potatoes are named after Hasselbacken, the restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden, where they were first created. These potatoes will come out tender on the inside but deliciously crispy on the outside. One of these goes perfectly with Thanksgiving turkey and vegetable side dishes, and they are eye-catching and special to look at.

When cutting them, you might want to put the handle of a wooden spoon on either side of the potatoes when slicing, to stop the knife going too far down into the potato. Alternatively put each potato in a metal spoon and cut down. Of course you will not be cutting through them completely, just slicing partway through so they open out and expose maximum surface area to crisp up. Take care not to cut right through!

You will find these easy to make. As long as you cut through to the right depth and make your slices every 1/8 inch or ¼ inch, you can then just bake them in the oven until they are done, and nothing can go wrong with them. Serve these piping hot, just as they are, or with a curl on butter on top. Continue reading

The following recipe blends potatoes with ham, onion, Cheddar cheese and more to make a wonderful gratin recipe. This dish is best served piping hot and bubbling with some fresh parsley. You can serve this by itself for lunch or supper, or make it into a more substantial dinner by serving your favorite vegetable on the side. Broccoli, green peas, string beans or sprouts would all work. This scalloped potato and ham recipe can be spiced up with a few drops of hot sauce if you like.

The word “gratin” applies to any dish which is topped with a browned crust. Butter, grated cheese and egg are popular gratin ingredients. This dish originated in France and gratins are usually made in shallow dishes and then broiled or baked to make the top golden brown. Sometimes you might like to bake your gratin and then broil it for a couple of minutes to brown it more. A gratin dish is a shallow dish which you can bake gratins in.

This scalloped potato and ham recipe is just one example of a tasty gratin. You could also make gratin recipes with ingredients like mushrooms, asparagus or other vegetables. Some vegetable gratins are nice served alongside a piece of meat, such as some pork, chicken or a steak. You can bake or broil your gratin while you pan-fry or grill your meat or poultry. Continue reading

Sweet soups can be just as delicious as savory ones, sometimes more so. Look at pumpkin soup, for example. That is full of rich, sweet flavor, and it is many people’s favorite. This soup also contains pumpkin as well as the sweet potato. You will also need carrots, celery, onion and garlic. The other flavors going into this sweet potato soup are wine, cream, nutmeg and thyme. Base the soup on chicken stock or use vegetable stock if you do not eat meat.

Many recipes require the onion and garlic to be fried first and then the other ingredients to be added, and this is common for soups, stews, casseroles and all kinds of dishes, the reason being sautéing the onion and garlic caramelizes them, bringing out their natural sweetness and aroma. The soup needs to simmer until all the ingredients are tender, then you can either use a hand blender to puree it or you can do it in a blender in batches.

This soup is nice garnished with thyme, since the recipe has some fresh thyme in it. You should remove the thyme before pureeing the soup, and the garnish should be a fresh stalk of thyme. You can serve this with crusty bread if you wish, and this soup makes a fantastic lunch or dinner for the whole family. Kids can be picky about eating soup but this one is so sweet and thick they will love it. You will love the fact eating this means everyone is getting their daily vitamins and minerals too. Continue reading

How to Make French Fries at Home the Easy Way

So what Makes the Best Homemade French Fries

Homemade French fries are guaranteed to make your mouth water. They taste so much nicer than anything you can buy from the store and they are really easy to make too. If you have avoided making your own French fries because you thought they would be difficult, it might surprise you to learn just how simple they are.

Making your own fries will save you money and they also have a fantastic flavor and texture. Once you have tasted them you will never buy frozen fries again. Your family will be really impressed too and they are sure to notice the difference.

Different Types of French Fries

There are different recipes for fries too, depending what you are in the mood for. Of course, the best homemade French fries might be the classic ones that we all know and love, or you might like to try oven-baked French fries or even sweet potato French fries. These are just as simple as the standard ones, so why not experiment with some different types, and see which you like best? Continue reading

Healthy recipes do not have to be boring and the following barley risotto recipe is anything but dull! Risotto is usually made with Arborio rice but, since it requires constant stirring for a perfect risotto texture and you cannot stir something while it cooks in a crockpot, we are going to use barley instead of the rice. Barley is a flavorful grain which has a bit of “bite” to it. It tastes a bit like brown rice but less nutty. The texture is softer as well. Barley is delicious in vegetarian crockpot recipes like the following risotto, because it goes so nicely with vegetables. If you have some barley in the pantry, making the following dish would be a wonderful way to put your barley to good use.

This recipe also features onions, pumpkin, sweet potato, sun-dried tomatoes, basil, and garlic for an earthy, hearty flavor. This is such an easy recipe and whether you are a vegetarian or you just want a vegetable-rich meal, this one fits the bill. You could also serve this as a side dish with poached chicken or a similar protein. Feel free to swap the vegetables for other favorites.

The basil, garlic, and parsley finish this dish off with an aromatic flavor which suits the overall taste of the dish. If you enjoy Italian recipes and especially risotto, why not try swapping the grains, rice for barley, and enjoying this classic dish prepared in an alternative way? Just because something has always been done a particular way doesn’t mean we cannot adapt it to our own. In this recipe we take the time honored method of cooking risotto and apply it to another wonderful grain and end up with a dish that is both filling and satisfying all at the same time not varying from the cooking method that makes it so wonderful in the first place.
Continue reading

This creamy crockpot mashed potatoes recipe is scented with a delicate infusion of fresh herbs and makes the perfect accompaniment to your Thanksgiving dinner recipes. Making crockpot mashed potatoes means you can concentrate on the other dishes while this tasty recipe cooks itself. You will need to make the mashed potatoes first, the normal way, but the crockpot allows all the flavors to blend together and it keeps the mashed potatoes warm until you are ready to serve them with the meal.

Crockpot recipes like mashed potatoes make life easier when you are struggling to get several dishes ready at the same time because the crockpot keeps the mashed potatoes warm for whenever you are ready and the cream cheese, butter and sour cream makes this dish perfectly rich and creamy, giving it a luxurious feel in the mouth and a magnificent flavor, especially with the few hours in the crockpot, when the flavors really merge.

Serve this tasty crockpot mashed potatoes recipe alongside any kind of meat, fish, or poultry, and serve some tasty fresh vegetables on the side. This results in a sophisticated dinner, which everybody will fall in love with. Anyone can create impressive meals and owning a crockpot really helps you because you can cook your side dishes to perfection in there and forget about them until you need them. The slow cooking process brings out the amazing flavor of all your ingredients and results in the most fantastic dishes. Continue reading

Mashed potatoes are cooked and mashed out of the crockpot and then cooked in the slow cooker for a few hours to blend the flavors. This is great for the holidays because you do not have last minute potato mashing to do and you will have an extra pan and an extra space on the stove, which you will need for making the caramelized onions. This is such a sophisticated mashed potatoes recipe and the garlic, sour cream, cream cheese and other ingredients all work together to make this the creamiest, most mouthwatering mashed potatoes recipe ever.

You might think, when you look at the recipe, that this is just the same as making conventional mashed potatoes because the slow cooker is not doing all the work for you but that is not the case. The potatoes might be cooked on the stove but the flavors in this crockpot mashed potatoes recipe do blend in the crockpot and you can keep the potatoes ready until you’re ready to serve them, which is a bonus if you have other dishes that all need to be ready at the same time.

Be generous with the chopped parsley garnish because parsley goes beautifully with mashed potato recipes. This is a wonderful crockpot recipe, which will go with any roast dinner. Crockpot cooking is a timesaver and it also means you can keep food warm if other dishes are taking too long. The crockpot ensures the cream cheese and sour cream blend their flavors with the potatoes and melts into them completely. Continue reading

Whether you are looking for vegetarian crockpot recipes or just a beautifully flavored side dish to go with your main meal, this sweet potato casserole is in a league of its own. Featuring the flavors of pecans, orange juice, sweet potato and more, this is a crunchy, nutty, sweet, and delicious crockpot recipe. The advantage of making crockpot appetizer recipes, crockpot dessert recipes or crockpot side dish recipes is that you can leave them alone to cook themselves while you focus on making the main meal because few things are more stressful than having everything boiling on the stove at once!

This simple yet wonderful sweet potato casserole recipe goes nicely with many different dishes and you can even serve it as one of your crockpot dessert recipes, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream melting over the top. This is a versatile dish, which can be served in a variety of different ways.

You can either use fresh sweet potatoes or canned sweet potatoes to make this sweet potato casserole recipe. If you are using fresh ones, just peel and chop them, before boiling them in water until they are tender. Canned ones are ready to use and you can mash them up a bit. This easy sweet potato casserole is really simple to make and the orange juice and pecans give it a gourmet flavor. This recipe is always sure to impress and if your friends and family enjoy eating good food, they will love this crockpot sweet potato casserole recipe. Continue reading

If you really want to make an impressive dinner for somebody, you will love the following pan-seared steak recipe. What about using filet mignon for this dish? Filet mignon is not a cheap cut of beef so it is something you will want to save for special occasions like birthdays or other important dates. This would also make a great Valentine’s Day dinner. Filet mignon is tender and delicious and for the best results it should be cooked to medium rare at most.

Cooking it to medium will give it a drier feel but cooking it to medium well or worse still well done is going to ruin it, so be careful when cooking your filet mignon that you do not give the meat too long. It is easy to give an undercooked piece of meat a few more minutes on the stove or grill but you cannot undo an overcooked one!

In this sirloin steak or filet mignon recipe, lime, mint and mango juice combine to make a sweet (yet sharp at the same time) sauce. Lime is sharp, mango is very sweet, and the mint enhances both of these flavors and brings them together. Fruity sauces are often very good with meat and if you are going to the trouble of making a special steak dinner recipe, you will also want to make a wonderful sauce to complement it. The homemade mashed potato finishes this meal off to perfection. Mashed potato is a comfort food but it is also a very nice accompaniment to meat, whether you are enjoying a filet mignon recipe, a chicken dinner, or another classic American dish. Continue reading

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