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Just a quick note on the many things happening around RPN and a progress report update. I have been working from the oldest to newest recipes to finish the site consolidations on the network. I am down to two sites left one of which is my dessert site which is next up and RPN which I am about half way through. This entails going through ever post and making any changes to bring all recipe post up to the standard which I produce recipes by today.

This includes full micro data (rich pin compliant) and full intros to every recipe, full color photos that have been added to any older recipes that might of missed this and a full photo description. These I hope make my recipes more valuable to you and offer you more than just a basic recipe. It seems fitting that I am in one of the oldest of the seed sites content (or former hamburger site) on the start of Memorial Day weekend which too many is the official unofficial start to grilling season.

This was a almost ten year old site as we are also in calibration of our 10th anniversary year of the RPN network and is actually our 15th year of being in net business (older than YouTube even) so we are seeing the end of this monumental merger and rebranding campaign and I am very proud of where everything is finishing up but I will not rush quality is my first order of business so I am not sure as each recipe is different and I cannot estimate when it will all be finished but I work on this everyday and have been for some time now. Continue reading

So finally Thanksgiving is here, and we would like to take this opportunity not only to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving but also to give you a big thank you for visiting us and considering our tasty recipes. Hopefully you have discovered some new, unusual recipes to add to your usual Thanksgiving fare, whether you were looking for appetizers, main dishes, sides, vegetarian dishes, desserts, snacks, or just having a general look.

We have enjoyed compiling our 30 days of Thanksgiving countdown and hope you managed to find some culinary inspiration in some of our carefully selected recipes. Thanksgiving is of course the time to be thankful for what you have and reflect on all those great things we ought to give thanks for, one of which has to be food, since food is obviously one of the biggest pleasures in life.

It is difficult to say which is the best part of the Thanksgiving meal, since the party begins as soon as the first guest arrives and you hand out drinks and appetizers, then once that big, juicy turkey is on the table the real enjoyment and festivities start in earnest. Continue reading

Due to the passing of a dear family member of a key part of my staff (and my dearest of friends) there will be a slight delay in bringing you our daily unusual Thanksgiving recipe. Our thoughts are with her and her family right now and we send all our love and hope she finds a way through this difficult time with as little pain as possible.

When she is ready to return we will resume and catch up on our daily post as quickly as possible. We ask for your thoughts and best wishes for her and her loved ones and ask for your kind understanding in the mean time.



Today kicks off our 30 days of Thanksgiving countdown, so to celebrate the lead-up to our favorite holiday, we are offering you a brand new recipe each day. Rather than recipes about how to cook a turkey or how to prepare candied yams though (because many of us do that every year anyway!) we are taking a look at rather more unusual recipes you might like to try. We have appetizers, side dishes, main dishes and desserts for all the family. Perhaps you feel like putting a new twist on this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, in which case make sure you don’t miss any recipes. Most are great for any other occasion too, not just Thanksgiving, so enjoy the inspiring, tasty ideas as we keep them coming from now until Thanksgiving!

There is something for everyone including the kids and vegetarian eaters, because Thanksgiving is a holiday everyone deserves to enjoy and take part in. This holiday is often about cooking up all the family favorites each year, but if you want an unusual side dish to go with your turkey, something extra-special for dessert, or a different appetizer from usual, take a look at our inspiring picks and perhaps something will catch your eye. We like to focus on easy-to-prepare dishes, aimed at everyone from the novice home cook to those with more experience in the kitchen. Many of our dishes are make-ahead too, so you can put them together in the morning and then finish them off just before the meal, for your convenience. Take a look at what we have for you and see which of our tasty Thanksgiving recipe ideas fires your imagination.

30 Days of Thanksgiving Countdown

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Popular Breakfast Foods

Infograph showing popular ideas for breakfast foods. This is not an all-inclusive list but gives a pretty thorough idea of many of the possibilities. Laid out for quick reference to what you need to know…

You may use this infograph on your site as long as you use the code below and links stay intact (Just copy and paste in text mode into your site’s html code or post):

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As millions of Americans look forward to sitting down with family on Thanksgiving to feast, where many will overindulge, there will be millions of adults and children sitting down to an empty table. As abundant as food is in this country, many waste more food each year then others even receive. Many Americans think of hunger and malnourishment as third-world problems, but the truth is that hunger is prevalent in America too. In our area, large lines form at the mobile food truck that goes to local towns to distribute food to needy families. Here in Northern CT, food is given out by the group and they deliver things like fresh vegetables and fruit, which was in the past a major lacking point in the diets of needy families.

The numerous volunteers who offer their time, and churches that allow their parking lots to be used as a gathering point, are a blessing that many would otherwise go without. By the looks on the faces that gather, many of these people are handicapped in some way, veterans we have forgotten, and the elderly. These people deal with the elements year-round despite heat or freezing cold, so that they may feed their families. There are too many indifferent Americans who are blind to them and most would just prefer to forget them altogether, pretending it simply doesn’t happen.

The sad truth of it though is that many are there not out of choice but thrown there by the health and economic choices made for them – people who, despite inclement weather, stand out in the freezing cold and wait for the friendly Foodshare truck to show up, would rather be anywhere else, and only do it because kids and family need to be fed. Therefore, I put this out there for you to add to your Thanksgiving blessing and prayers – that these saddened faces may find some hope and that you say a prayer and count your blessings that you are not among them. Many studies find that the numbers of Americans that are not in this situation yet are dangerously close to being there themselves. It does not take much for it to happen. An unexpected illness or loss of what was thought to be safe and secure job are not as farfetched as you might think. Continue reading

Think of poverty and the first thing to come into your mind might be starving children in Africa or shanty towns somewhere in Southeast Asia, so it might surprise you to hear the official poverty rate in the United States in 2013 was 14.5% meaning the issue is much closer to home than you might have realized. So what does 14.5% percent mean? Look at it this way – it means there were 45.3 million people living in poverty in the US last year. A lot of people do not realize just how serious the problem is, or that, shockingly, 1 in 6 US residents is living below the poverty line.

1 in 7 households were food insecure last year, while 1.6 million kids had to stay in a shelter or emergency housing. Being poor does not just mean unable to afford the latest gadget or having to buy a used car instead of a new one. Think of it this way – someone living in poverty is going to have to make tough decisions every single day. Do I pay the heating bill today or spend the money on a bus ticket to get to work? Do I feed my kids a square meal while my wife and I go hungry, or do all 4 of us eat tiny portions? Do I spend my last $5 on food or medicine?

Something else many people do not realize is what type of people experience this type of poverty. Forget the stereotypes; poverty is not exclusively reserved for high school dropouts, drug addicts, ex-cons, or alcoholics living on the streets. Poverty can affect literally everyone including young adults, newly unemployed seniors, minimum wage earners, the unemployed, families, war vets, and, perhaps worse of all, 1 in 5 children in the United States is living like this. Someone might get made redundant from their job or face a major medical bill. There are all kinds of reasons for poverty and it can happen overnight.
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I have to apologize for the appearance right now we are working through every post on the site and reworking all the content, reorganizing it and upgrading every single recipe to have a photo so you’ll notice our big bright yellow “coming soon” pic. This is put there as a placeholder. Rest assured we are working through our whole network of sites right now with our coders and writers reworking every single aspect of this site and eventual ever site in the network.

We are moving everything from hand-coded sites to WordPress and employing a robust recipe plug-in that presents big images and a cleaner layout. We are also where appropriate merging sites with similar themes into bigger more diverse supper sites. We have taken these actions to make sites that are interactive and offer you just a better user experience all around. Continue reading

Wishing All a Happy Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de MayoWe would like to wish all our friends South of the Border a Happy Cinco de Mayo and to each of you no matter which side your on a great holiday that is a celebrated in the US as in Mexico. Why, it is just a great day to take in the wonderful food of our neighbor.

Christine and all of us here


Note we have taken and merged these two sites into one all inclusive Mexican food site you can find all our original recipes and new ones at our new site at:

We have now merged all the content and recipes of our former, site into our main company blog right here at We still cover everything the former name would suggest, offering not only the best-tasting Halloween recipes but also the easiest ones to make. Whether you are a novice in the kitchen or used to cooking for a crowd, you will find our Halloween recipes fun to make and delicious to eat and plenty for any other occasion too.

A Look at Typical Halloween Food

Halloween is all about ghoulish goodies like creepy cakes, pumpkin recipes, and foods with “added extras” such as gummy worms or fake bugs. You can really let your imagination run riot. You do not have to strictly stick to the recipes either – if you fancy adding a plastic spider or some candy frogs, go for it! Your kids will love you for making their Halloween so special.

Soups and beverages can also feature in your spooky Halloween spread. What about making a fruit punch with some candy eyeballs or a chilled red soup to resemble blood? There is no end to the gory and gruesome possibilities and the only limit really is your imagination. You are sure to have as much fun making these delicacies as the kids will have eating them.

Easy Halloween Recipes for AllIf you prefer to make regular food to entertain your guests on October 31st, what about classic pumpkin pie, crunchy candy apples or double chocolate cookies? There is a place for everything if you are catering for Halloween and rest assured the fake bugs are totally optional. Most of these recipes are suitable for any occasion; they are certainly too good to limit to once a year anyway. Leave off the scary additions and you can whip up your favorites anytime you feel like it.

We were so proud to launch EasyHalloweenRecipe but as our business grew and changed it just made more sense to add it in here at, not only because it is a high quality blog, offering only the best recipes, articles and cooking techniques, to help all home cooks regardless of cooking ability, but also because we understand that it can be frustrating trawling the web, trying to find good recipe websites and having no luck.

Your search for the best and most easy Halloween recipe is over, as we are delighted to have the content from here for the assistance and enjoyment of all aspiring home cooks. We trust you will be able to find everything you need to help you make this year’s Halloween celebrations the best ever.

Bon Appétit, and thanks for visiting,

Christine and Everyone Here at– Nothing but the Best Halloween Recipes and More

Picture, recipes and/or content upgraded: 02-21-16

EasyCabbageSoup is Now Fully Integrated into covers everything the name would suggest, offering not only the most delicious cabbage soup recipes but also the easiest ones to put together and all other kinds of homemade soup recipes. Whether you are a beginner in the kitchen or accustomed to feeding a hungry family, soup is a timeless dish which you might remember your mother or grandmother making for you in the past.

There are old-fashioned soup recipes, as well as soups with a modern twist, creamy and luxurious recipes, and even true gourmet ones. Cabbage soup never has to be dull because there is so much you can do with this basic soup concept to elevate it to epicurean status.

Homemade Cabbage Soup is Nutritious and Appetizing

Cabbage soup is usually homemade because this variety of soup is harder to find in cans or packages than other types of soup. This is actually a good thing because canned soups are a real disappointment if you are used to superior homemade fare.

Cabbage soup is not just for dieters either, contrary to popular belief. In fact this soup is too good just to eat if you are dieting. You can make delicious cabbage soup recipes for any occasion or season. Your kitchen will have an enticing aroma once the cabbage begins to blend with the other ingredients in your easy cabbage soup.

Different Types of Cabbage Soup

Easy Cabbage SoupThere are too many varieties of cabbage soup to list here but suffice it to say you will not find the range of recipes limiting at all. If you fancy something other than a classic cabbage soup recipe you will find plenty of alternatives, perhaps you would like to add potatoes to the pot, or maybe some carrots, broccoli or other vegetables.

Bacon or chicken can boost the flavor of the soup, or you can even use spices or herbs to enhance the taste. You can choose from different types of cabbage too, each one offering a slightly different taste and texture. Cabbage is a budget ingredient and you can make wonderful soups with it.

We are proud to bring our cabbage soup site to, not only because it is a high quality blog, offering only the best recipes, soup articles and cooking techniques, to help all home cooks regardless of cooking ability, but also because we understand that it can be frustrating trawling the web, trying to find good recipe websites and having no luck.

Your search for the most mouthwatering soup recipe is over, as we are delighted to present for the assistance and enjoyment of all aspiring home cooks. We trust you will be able to find everything you need to help you make the most wonderful and easy soup recipe for your family or dinner guests to savor.

Update 02-20-16:

All content has been moved to our new all inclusive soup site along with all our other niche soup sites to make it easier for you. We are also adding many new recipes and categories to the site check it out at:

Picture, recipes and/or content upgraded: 02-20-16

Our former potato soup site,, has been fully integrated into our new super soup site which still covers everything the name of the former site would suggest, offering not only the most satisfying potato soup recipes but the easiest ones to make. Whether you are a novice in the kitchen or used to feeding a hungry family, potato soup is a classic dish which you might remember your mother or grandmother making for you in the past.

There are old-fashioned potato soup recipes, soup with a modern twist, international recipes and much more besides. Potato soup never has to be boring because there is so much you can do with this basic concept for soup to elevate it to true gourmet status.

Homemade Potato Soup is Healthy and Flavorful

Canned potato soup lacks the charm of a homemade potato soup recipe. First of all, canned potato soup is stuffed with artificial additives and chemicals – do you really want to eat those when you can make homemade potato soup in less than half an hour? Continue reading

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