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Wine cellars come in many styles, shapes, and sizes and if you are new to wine, collecting it can be confusing knowing which kind to go for. You can choose the perfect one to suit your storage limits and budget.

You do not even need a spare room since the smaller wine cellars are upstanding racks, which hold a few bottles inside. These can hold anywhere from one to about fifteen bottles and they can fit in a corner or closet.

Wine cellars range from under a hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on size. Starting small is no problem and if you have limited space, you will still be able to get a small wine cellar. You can buy an upright wine cellar, hire a contractor to build you one or build your own.

You will want to compare different wine cellars. If you are using a refrigeration device rather than having a wine cellar under the house, you need to find out if it is noisy, if it expels hot air and how long it is guaranteed for, amongst other things.

How to Store Wine for the Best Results

Wine requires a constant humidity and temperature. It must be stored away from light and vibrations, somewhere clean and well ventilated for the best results. Choose a room for your wine cellar, which is well insulated because this helps to avoid changes in temperature.

Basic Wine Cellars - What to Look ForThe wine cellar must be dark and quiet and you need to store the bottles on their sides so the wine is in contact with the cork, keeping it wet. This means it will not shrink and allow unwanted oxygen into the bottle.

Five Reasons to Use Your Own Wine Cellar

1) Wine is an Investment

Wine is not only a good investment but it is a “wasting asset” which means it is not liable to capital gains tax because it has to be consumed within a certain amount of years.

2) Collecting Wine is Fun

Wine collecting is something that can be fun and you will need your own wine cellar to do this. There is plenty to learn about the world of wine and savoring a fine wine, which you have collected and stored, is a very enjoyable experience.

3) It Does not Cost a Lot

It is a myth that wine cellars and wine collections are only for the super wealthy. This is because a wine cellar can be as small or as large as you line. You might want to have a hundred bottles of wine but there is nothing wrong with beginning with just two bottles or three or whatever you can afford.

4) There are So Many Wines to Choose From

Unless you are only collecting wine to sell and make a profit, choose wines you like. There is no point in collecting really expensive wines just because of the price tag. Instead, choose wine styles you happen to like and you will find them much more satisfying. Taste the wines before investing in them, else you might collect a wine for five years and then discover you do not like it! The fact that there are so many different wines to choose from means it is worth building a wine cellar and collecting some special ones.

5) Fine Wine is Available to You Whenever You Like

If the occasion calls for a nice bottle of wine, you can quickly go downstairs (or wherever your wine cellar is located) and choose one. How else could you have fine wine on tap whenever you need it?


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