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If you are interesting in growing your own asparagus, you should look at some asparagus plant pictures to see how big asparagus plants get. If you assumed the plants only grew six inches high (a common misconception, since asparagus is about that length in the grocery store), you might be in for a surprise when asparagus plant picture photos show that these plants can grow up to five feet high!

Asparagus is an ornamental plant as well as a productive and useful one, so even if you have a small garden you can make room for it. You do not need to harvest an asparagus field; just a few bushes should be fine if you only have a small area to work with.

Asparagus is a good choice if you are quite new to gardening. If you plant from seed, there is not a lot that can go wrong. If you transplant seedlings, there is a one in five chance they will not survive (because of shock to the roots) so investing in seedlings sometimes works out to be a bad investment. You will need to plant your asparagus outside after the danger of frost has passed, so April or May might be good, depending where you live.

Asparagus Plants

Asparagus Plants

Asparagus does not like extreme heat either, so choose a semi-shady area for your plants and make sure you keep the soil moist. Another threat is weeds because if you have weeds near the asparagus plants, they will be competing for the nutrients in the soil, so pluck out any weeds by hand as soon as you spot them.

Asparagus Plant Picture

Asparagus Plant Picture

After you harvest the spears in spring, the asparagus plants will keep growing, giving you a tall fern. Taking care of the ferns is crucial if you want successful asparagus the following year, so give them at least half an inch of water per week as well as nutrients. It is also a good idea to pile compost over the bed right after finishing the harvest. Stay on top of insect pests and competing weeds too. If you treat your asparagus plants well they will should provide you with top quality asparagus for many years.

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