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There has been a lot of discussion recently about asparagus as a cancer fighter and asparagus cancer cure, but what exactly is the truth about this asparagus treatment for cancer? Surely beating cancer has to me more complicated than eating more green vegetables, or is there something to be said for asparagus and cancer?

Anyone suffering from this terrible disease will want to find a way to beat it and if eating delicious asparagus can help with the battle against cancer, it might be worth giving it a go.

The first online reference to asparagus and cancer appeared in October 2006, apparently based on an article which appeared in the Cancer News Journal in 1979. The reasoning behind these claims would appear to be that asparagus does actually have anti-cancer properties. This vegetable is high in glutathione, which is an antioxidant. This substance defends the body against viruses and certain types of cancer. It can also boost immune cells.

Antioxidants and Cance

It has been claimed for a few years that antioxidants have cancer-fighting properties and consuming them might even prevent cancer but the evidence is not as clear-cut as some people believe.

Some clinical trials point towards asparagus having anti-cancer properties, when studying asparagus treatment for cancer, but other trials show no real results, so unfortunately it is not possible to claim with any degree of surety whether asparagus can help cancer sufferers or prevent the disease from occurring. If asparagus was a miracle cure for cancer, or could prevent it altogether, we would surely have heard about it by now!

Although eating this vegetable does not necessarily prevent or cure cancer, it is not correct to say it has no benefits. The high levels of glutathione, folic acid, and vitamin D will all help to increase your overall health and can lower risk factors for cancer. There are other foods which provide similar benefits so if you do not like asparagus recipes you can enjoy other vegetables instead.

Most medical experts recommend a diet which is high in fruits, vegetables and fiber, and low in nitrates and fats, at least if fighting cancer or preventing this disease is high on your agenda. What we eat has a direct impact on our health and eating nutritious foods plays a huge role in our overall health and wellbeing.

Other Health Benefits of Asparagus

This vegetable is high in vitamins A, B6 and C, folic acid, iron, fiber, potassium, calcium, and thiamin. It also has just twenty five calories per stalk, making it a great food to feature in your diet plan.

Although reports of an asparagus cancer cure seem to be either incorrect or exaggerated, there is no harm in consuming asparagus, or indeed any vegetable offering such high amounts of antioxidants which not only fight viruses and disease but also the signs of aging.

The high vitamin and mineral content in asparagus makes it a great vegetable to use, regardless of whether any of the asparagus as a cancer fighter claims might be true, and there are certainly plenty of wonderful and easy asparagus recipes you can make with it.

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