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Kidney stones are inconvenient and painful and there are various remedies you can try out if you suffer from this debilitating condition. If you have not already heard about the kidney stone coke asparagus method, you might be interested to find out more.

How to Make It

To make this remedy, you should blend eight ounces of canned asparagus (drain it first) in a blender and drink the results. If you want to use fresh asparagus instead, boil or steam it for twenty minutes or until it is tender, then puree it in the blender. Do not add water to the puree. This dilutes the asparagus and it will not work so well.

Twenty minutes later, drink a can of cola. Twenty minutes later, drink another can of coke. Try to drink six of them, each twenty minutes apart. Use a timer to ensure you get the timings right. At the end of this, you will need to urinate. The kidney stones will come out in your urine as sand or crystals.

Try urinating through a piece of nylon and you will see crystals which are parts of the kidney stones. Also you should feel a lot less pain by now, because your kidney stones will be dissolving.

How Does the Kidney Stone Coke Asparagus Method Work?

Cola is strong enough to dissolve metal and asparagus is a natural diuretic. For some reason, combining these two ingredients can really help with kidney stones. If your kidney stones reoccur, simply repeat the treatment. Do the treatment first thing in the morning, before you have eaten or drunk anything else.

Asparagus puree and a six-pack of cola might not sound like your breakfast of choice but many people swear by this kidney stone coke asparagus cure for kidney stones.

More about Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are common and can run in families. They can occur in premature babies. There are different types of kidney stones and the cause can depend on the type of stone. They can occur when your urine contains too much of certain substances. These substances create crystals which turn into stones in a matter of weeks or months. Calcium stones are more common in men between the ages of 20 to 30 and the calcium can combine with oxalate, carbonate, or phosphate to produce the stone.

Struvite stones are mostly found in females with a urinary tract infection. These stones, if untreated, can grow very big and block the bladder, ureter or kidney. Uric acid stones occur in women but more often in men. The can occur with chemotherapy or gout. The medications indinavir, acyclovir and triamterene can also lead to kidney stones. The biggest risk of kidney stones though is not drinking enough fluids. If you produce less than two pints of urine (just over a quart) per day, you might be at risk yourself.

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