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If you have a new crockpot you might be wondering where you can get crockpot cookbooks. The Crockpot Cookbook by Rival is a very popular one. You can get a crockpot cookbook online or in a book store. Some of the books are especially useful because they contain information about crockpot care and crockpot cooking tips as well. If you have a very small crockpot, you might want to get small crockpot cookbooks to make your crockpot soups, crockpot dessert recipes and more for one or two people.

There is a crockpot cookbook at Books a Million, which costs less than $13. This is an 118 page book, which you can get from You can also find books containing the best crockpot recipes at There are many different cookbooks on Amazon so whether you are looking for easy crockpot recipes, crockpot appetizer recipes or healthy crockpot recipes, you should be able to find the right crockpot cookery book for you.

Types of Crock Pot Cookbooks

The crockpot was invented by the Crock-Pot company and they also sell cookbooks, which include the old fashioned kinds of recipe that Grandma would make. Popular slow cooker cookbooks include Betty Crocker cookbooks, Slow Cookers for Dummies, and then the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, which is called Slow Cooker Recipes.

Where to Get a Crock Pot CookbookMost slow cooker cookbooks range from about ten dollars to around forty dollars, depending where you shop, what kind of crockpot cookery recipes you are looking for, and how many pages the cookery book has. There are also places you can go where you can create, publish, and sell your own crockery cookbooks if you are a keen slow cooker chef. If this is the case, you can publish your recipes on and people can pay to purchase a cookbook from you or download your recipes.

Finding Crockpot Recipes Online

Of course, if you are interested in learning how to make new crockpot recipes, you can find a wealth of information online and there are so many different crockpot meals listed online for free that you do not even have to buy a crockpot cooking book to find out how to make them. You can find 4 ingredient crockpot recipes or pretty much any other crockpot recipe you want to try online on one of the many recipe websites.

Do not forget that you do not have to rigidly stick to crockpot recipes either. Once you understand how a slow cooker works and you know about what can and cannot be slow cooked, you can alter crockpot recipes to suit your own tastes, substituting herbs and spices and using different vegetables. Some of the very best crockpot recipes are created by trial and error!

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