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Where can you find some of the best crock pot cookbooks. There are several places online and then there are stores where you can purchase the right one for you. Some of the books contain ways to care for your crock pot and even tips on how to prepare meals. There are certain ways to care for your foods and store them after cooking as well. A crock pot cook book may have many things other than recipes that will help you with cooking and other things that have to do with your food.

Books A Million has a cookbook that is priced under $13. It is a 118 page book and you can order it on has a variety of books as well. There is one Better Crocker brand. This one is about $16 for a new one and is rated four stars. There are hundreds of cook books on E-bay has a variety of crock pot cook books that are both new and used.

There is another store found on line that specializes in crock pots and recipes. This website is called It is packed full of cook books that talk about crock pot meals. Have you heard of the restaurant Cracker Barrel? Well they offer their very own crock pot cookbook. Imagine taking some of Cracker Barrel to your own kitchen. I am not talking about the doggie bag either.

Purchasing a New Crock Pot CookbookOf course, you can go to the original makers of the Crock Pot and buy some of their many cook books. There are sure to be some recipes that Grandma came up with in there. There is a list of many crock pot cookbooks with popular titles such as Slow Cookers for Dummies, Betty Crocker cookbooks and then there is the biggest cookbook called Slow Cooker Recipes that is made by Better Homes and Gardens.

Looking around, I have found that the cost of most crock pot cookbooks range from about ten dollars to forty. It all depends on how big it is, where you go to buy it and the quality of the contents. There are also places where you can create, publish, and sell your own crock pot cookbook. If you are a cook and you have your own unique recipes, you may want to publish to People will be able to purchase a cookbook or even download one.

Photo Credit: Williams-Sonoma Essentials of Slow Cooking: Recipes and Techniques for Delicious Slow-Cooked Meals


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