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Crockpot cooking is a lot of fun but there are a few things you should know before you start cooking. If you are looking for crockpot cooking tips, hints and basic cooking advice, read on for some handy hints.

When making crockpot recipes you should use wooden utensils inside the crockpot. Using metal means that you risk scratching the inside of your slow cooker so it is best to avoid metal utensils altogether. Plastic utensils can contaminate food and metal covered utensils can react with the enzymes in certain foods. For the very best results from your crockpot recipes, we suggest you stick to using a wooden spoon for stirring your crockpot meals.

Cooking Meat in the Crockpot

If you are cooking meat, you can save any parts you are not going to use in the crockpot recipe. For example, if you are roasting beef, you can save the stalk and freeze it. Basic cooking tips will tell you to cool the stalk first and freeze it in Tupperware container. You can use it in the future for adding flavor to stews or making crockpot soups.

Basic Cooking Tips CrockpotEasy crockpot recipes save you time in the kitchen and also money. Cheap cuts of meat cook wonderfully in the crockpot and crockpot cooking tenderizes the meat better than any other cooking method.

You might want to sear meat before adding it to the slow cooker. Searing locks in juices and flavors. If you are making a roast, for example you might want to rub some seasoning and Worcestershire sauce into the joint of meat and then sear it in hot grease before adding it to the slow cooker.

Slow Cooker Recipes with Vegetables

If you are using root vegetables in a crockpot recipe, you can steam them beforehand to make them tender. If you are going to cook root vegetables and meat in your crockpot recipe however, you can cook them together because the meat juices will help to soften the root vegetables and give them flavor.

If you are using canned vegetables, it is best to add them no more than twenty minutes before the end of the cooking time because you simply need to warm them through rather than cook them. If you are using frozen vegetables you can add those thirty minutes before the end of cooking time, else they will go mushy. The best crockpot recipes will tell you when to add different ingredients.

Fresh vegetables can take a long time to cook, especially dense ones like potatoes, rutabaga and carrots, so the recipe might tell you to put these in the crockpot first, underneath the meat and other ingredients.

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