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Crockpots used to come in one variety only but these days there are lots of different types of crockpots to choose from. You can choose the shape, the size, the functions, and even the color.

Traditional Slow Cookers

The most traditional type of slow cookers are manual ones and these come with a low and high heat setting and maybe medium as well. They have glass lids so you can see the food cooking and they often have removable, dishwasher-safe stoneware. Some models do not have removable interiors and you need to sponge these clean with soapy water without getting the electrics wet.

Handy Programmable Crockpots

If you want something a bit better, what about one of the new programmable crockpots? You can get slow cookers which give you one-touch control and allow you to program multiple temperature and time settings, so if you are going to be out all day but you want to cook a five hour crockpot recipes, you can add the ingredients to the crockpot in the morning, perhaps some frozen chicken breasts, vegetables, herbs and broth, and then program it to begin cooking five hours before you are due to be home.

The chicken will slowly thaw through the morning and the slow cooker will activate itself at the time you have specified. You can also program it to stop cooking after the five hours are up and switch to the “keep warm” setting, in case you are late home.

Cook and Carry Crockpots

If you want to make food in your slow cooker and take it with you to a party, picnic or another kind of get-together, you might like to find out more about cook and carry crockpots. These come with travel bags, carrying handles, leak-proof locking lids and more, so you can bring your delicious homemade crockpot recipes with you anywhere.

The Best Slow Cookers for Entertaining or High Volume Cooking

You can get two or three in one crockpots, allowing you to slow cook multiple dishes at the same time. These are great for buffets because you can also serve the food out of them. Whether you want to keep a hot dip hot or a sate sauce warm, a crockpot like this would be great.

If you are going to cook a lot, you can get a high capacity crockpot, meaning that you can cook twelve portions of food in there. Obviously if there are just two or three, of you this is unnecessary but if you are regularly cooking for a lot of people or you like to make extra food and freeze it, a large crockpot is a good idea. If you sometimes cook much less, you might want to invest in a pair of crockpots – a big one and a small one.

An oval crockpot is handy for cooking a whole chicken but a round one takes up less space on your worktop. A large crockpot is great for cooking big portions but a smaller one is cheaper. It is up to you, which type of slow cooker to choose, and it depends on how often you will be using it, what kind of food you might want to cook in it and your budget.

For occasional cooking, you might be happy with a traditional slow cooker but if you are going to use it often and you are out of the house all day, a programmable crockpot might be the answer to your prayers. Have a look at some different kinds before you choose one.


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    Thanks for sharing this! I am looking to get my first crockpot, and this was a simple but thorough explanation! Thank you!

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