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Soup is so versatile and its combinations are endless. Soup makes a wonderful appetizer, a comforting and warming meal and it is very easy to make as well.

You can experiment with soups more than you can with any other kind of food, trying out new vegetables, different kinds of broth, omitting meat and meat broth to make the soup vegetarian and using different toppings. Grated cheese, toasted bread, croutons, sour cream, lemon slices, crème fraiche, and toasted nuts all make exciting soup toppings for crockpot soups.

Top Tips for Tasty Crockpot Soups

    • If you are making a seafood soup, do not add the seafood until the last half an hour of the cooking time, else it will become chewy and flavorless. Shrimp cooks quickly whichever cooking method you use and crockpot cooking is no exception.
    • When making crockpot soups, have the crockpot between half full and two thirds full. Most soups freeze well if you make too much.
    • You do not need to lift the lid or stir the dish when making crockpot recipes and this also applies to soup. The ingredients in the soup recipe need to cook so leave it alone until it is done.
    • If you are using potatoes, carrots or other dense vegetables in slow cooker recipes, most recipes will tell you to layer these on the bottom of the crockpot. In soup recipes, they will probably float upwards in the liquid, so make sure you have cut your vegetables into small cubes to lessen the cooking time. If they have to cook for too long, the other ingredients will become mushy and overdone.
    • Fresh vegetables retain their flavor and texture way better than canned or frozen vegetables, which are soft to begin with, especially in crockpot meals. If you have to use canned or frozen veggies, add them thirty minutes before the end of the cooking time, just to warm them through, else they will fall apart.
    • If you are using chicken in your crockpot soup recipe, take the skin off. If you are using meat, remove the fat. Fatty food cooks too quickly in crockpot recipes and the fat melts, giving an unpleasant taste to the food.
    • If the soup is too thin, you can remove the lid half an hour before the end of the cooking time and turn the heat up to high. Stirring in some corn flour mixed with water when you do this can also help.
    • If you are using milk, sour cream or regular cream in your slow cooker soup recipes, add it fifteen minutes before the end of the cooking time.
    • Strong flavored herbs such as thyme and rosemary hold their flavors well in crockpot recipes but other fresh herbs should be added at the end, else their flavors will disappear the longer the soup cooks. With dried herbs, you can add half at the beginning and half at the end.
    • Be careful with chili and garlic in soup recipes because these flavors can intensify over long cooking times.
    • Taste the soup when it has finished cooking. You can add more salt, pepper or other seasonings then.

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