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If you are totally new to crockpot cooking, choose a couple of simple recipes first, just to familiarize yourself with this new cooking method. Most crockpot meals are easy to prepare but making something with four or five ingredients is a good idea if you have never used a slow cooker before. Then as you become more familiar with it you can try other recipes, perhaps making a dessert in there such as crockpot rice pudding or a crockpot cake recipe.

Crockpot classics such as thick meaty soups and rich stews are traditionally served in the cooler months and while you don’t have to stick to this as a hard and fast rule, you might like to make a delicious crockpot casserole recipe or a thick chowder if the weather is chilly, because these dishes will have your home smelling beautiful and they will also warm you up.

Slow cookers have been around for years but the recipes have changed. For example, there are plenty of international recipes for the crockpot today, which were not available when our mothers and grandmothers were using their crockpots. If you enjoy sampling new cuisines, there are plenty of exciting recipes that you can try.

Old Fashioned Crockpot Recipes

Choosing Which Type of Crockpot Recipes to MakeSometimes it is nice to make classic recipes and other times it is good to try something new. If you love hearty beef stew, chunky chicken casserole, or thick vegetable soup, why not make one of these delicious dishes in your slow cooker? These crockpot dishes have been around for many years but the fact that they have stood the test of time and are still popular means they must be good.

Because the flavors of your ingredients blend so well when slow cooking, you will not need to add a lot of flavors and seasonings to most crockpot recipes. They will develop their own amazing flavors and the taste each ingredient will shine through in the finished dish.

Cooking Tips for Perfect Crockpot Recipes

Since all crockpot recipes are different (and there are so many of them!), the best cooking tip for crockpot recipes is to follow the recipe carefully. Many crockpot recipes are very simple and will just tell you to add the ingredients to the slow cooker and switch it on, but there are a few other things to bear in mind when making tasty slow cooker recipes. It is important that the most dense ingredients (usually the potatoes, carrots, and other hard veggies) go on the bottom and the softer ones, such as the meat or chicken, go on top. The denser ingredients have a longer cooking time and this ensures everything is ready at the same time.

It is also useful to learn how different ingredients react to slow cooking. Some herbs and spices lose their flavor if you cook them for too long and others become more intensely flavored. A lot of expensive cuts of meat will toughen in a crockpot but many of the cheaper ones will come out ultra-tender and flavorful, which is a bonus because it means you can often make the most mouthwatering meals for a fraction of the price of conventional stove-top ones. There are plenty of other handy cooking tips for the crockpot that you will discover as you make more of our tasty crockpot recipes.

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