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Crockpot recipes make it possible to cook a healthy, tasty meal without having to use the oven or stove. This is one of the main reasons why crockpots are so popular. Buying a crockpot can be fun but it can also be confusing since there are many different models to choose from.

A Few Things to Think About

The first thing to think about is how big your family is because this affects the size of crockpot you should buy. What kind of foods are you going to cook in your crockpot? You can make crockpot soups, crockpot dessert recipes, and crockpot roast dinners in addition to the better known crockpot stews.

Do you go to a lot of pot luck dinners and, if so, will you want a crockpot that you can bring with you? Do you want a detachable style of crockpot that you can wash in the dishwasher? These are the kinds of questions you should ask yourself before you buy a crockpot.

Some of the newer styles of crockpot have clamps to seal the lid so the contents do not spill out. They have covers so you can travel with them. This is very handy for people who attend pot luck suppers and other functions because you can make easy crockpot recipes and bring them with you. You can also get little porcelain slow cookers which are nice for somebody who likes to display attractive dinnerware in their kitchen.

Modern Crockpot Features

Choosing the Best CrockpotSome slow cookers have knobs, some have dials, and some have touch pads, which you can adjust according to which crockpot meals you are making in there. A lot of crockpots have a high, a medium and a low setting although some people are happy with just a high and a low. Some crockpots also have a keep warm setting or you can program them to start cooking when you are out of the house and stop cooking after a certain period of time. You might or might not want or need this.

You can get cheap crockpots at K-Mart or Wal-Mart. Pretty much any department store will have crockpots for sale in the cookware department and you can also find them online at websites such as

Crockpots come in glass, porcelain, or stainless steel. Some have glass lids. Others have plastic lids. Some are dishwasher safe and others can be soaked in the sink. Some crockpots have side clamps that seal the lid with a hole to release the steam, making them similar to pressure cookers.

If you have a big family, you will probably want a big crockpot and preferable one where you can detach the inside for washing in the dishwasher. There are lots of different types of crockpots so you should browse what is available before making your final decision.

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