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Some of the best crockpot recipes are those, which rely on international flavors. There is much more to slow cooking that plain chicken soup or beef and vegetable stew (even though those are great too!) You can make easy crockpot recipes, whether you fancy Chinese, Italian, Greek, or even Indian food.

International crockpot recipes are ideal for dinners with an international theme or church group gatherings. Perhaps your town has a regular Diversity Expo at which your international crockpot recipes would be enjoyed.

Alternatively, you can make a family night of it at your home with different international crockpot appetizer recipes or international crockpot soups every week. If you let your kids sample different international foods regularly, they are less likely to be fussy when confronted with unfamiliar food. You can even make a game of it and learn a few facts about a different country every week with the kids and make an easy crockpot recipe featuring food from that country.

Types of International Crockpot Meals

If you fancy an oriental dinner, what about making crockpot Korean style short ribs with rice? This is a sweet and spicy dish, which is ideal for anyone who loves ribs. Crockpot Swiss steak is a creamy dish using round steak, which is another winner.

Around the World with Crockpot CookingSlow cooker recipes vary a lot but they share some common elements. For one, crockpot recipes always contain some kind of liquid to prevent the food from drying out. Some international crockpot recipes use water but others rely on wine or broth. As the liquid heats and evaporates, the lid of the crockpot forces the contents to return to a liquid state, ensuring the food remains flavorful and moist. Crockpot recipes are usually meant to be one-pot meals meaning you can cook everything in the crockpot without having to use any other appliances.

Healthy Crockpot Recipes from Overseas

If you like to eat healthily, you might be reassured to know that you can still enjoy your favorite international meals. You might think that a Chinese takeout is high in fat and sugar and that is often the case but making Asian food in the crockpot means you can enjoy healthy crockpot recipes with an Eastern taste.

When you cook recipes in a slow cooker the flavors become more intense, meaning you will not need to use as many flavorings as when you boil, sauté or grill foods. There are healthy versions of most international meals so if you are a lover of Chinese food or a curry fiend, do not worry, you can make your favorite dishes in the slow cooker.

When you cook food slowly, over a long period of time, it becomes soft and tender. This means you can use cheaper cuts of meat in your crockpot recipes which would turn out tough or chewy if you grilled them or sautéed them. Using lower grade cuts of beef to make crockpot meals ensures you will end up with the most tender pieces of meat because the long, slow cooking process breaks down the tough fibers.

Slow cookers mean that you will not overcook your food if you leave it on for a few minutes too long. Cooking in one pot means you can keep preparation and cooking time to a minimum, as well as the cleanup. There are many reasons why crockpot cooking is so popular and most crockpot recipes are easy enough for cooking beginners, including international slow cooker recipes.

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