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Using Oils to Add Flavor

Another way to add more flavor to your recipes is through your choice of cooking oils. Extra virgin olive oil, for example, gives a lot more flavor than plain olive oil. This is because the extra virgin is from the first pressing right after harvest. Olive oil is also a very healthy choice. You can also use flavored cooking oils. They are simple to make. Herbs or savory ingredients are merely steeped in the oil of your choice. The oil takes on the flavors of whatever you put in. Garlic, basil, rosemary, and thyme are a few of the more popular choices. Take a look at our offerings and learn more about using oil to add flavor to a dish.

Gourmet Cooking Oils

Gourmet cooking oils add a lot of different flavors to a recipe. From high quality extra virgin olive oil to infused truffle oil, these ingredients can make a big difference in how your recipe turns out. Cooking with gourmet oils is a wonderful way to add more flavor to almost any dish. Oils tenderize our food, add richness to sauces, and provide a medium for cooking many types of food so they do not stick to the pan. Your choices of oil can also make your food healthier for you. Always use the right oil for the right application. If you were going to deep fry, for example, you would not want to use olive oil; you want one with a tolerance for higher temperatures. Learn what oils are best for which recipes.



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