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Hamburgers themselves can be served in many different ways. The most common way to serve a hamburger is to put the patty between two halves of a hamburger roll but you can also serve hamburgers in gravy or in sauce.

Healthy Side Dishes

If you want to balance an indulgent hamburger recipe or cheeseburger recipe with something nutritious, there are plenty of options. If you are wondering what to serve with hamburgers on a hot day, what about a crisp, fresh salad?

You can use whatever salad ingredients you have in the refrigerator to make a tasty salad. Lettuce, onion, tomato, beets, chopped boiled egg, and nuts make a nice salad and you can either serve salad dressing on the side or drizzle some over the salad just before serving. Do not put it on too early, else the salad will go limp and soggy.

Vegetables make good side dishes too, if you are thinking about what to serve with hamburgers. If you are grilling your hamburgers you can also make some grilled vegetable recipes as an accompaniment. Corn on the cob, bell peppers, mushrooms and onion all grill beautifully and easy grilled vegetable kabobs look great and taste amazing.

You might like to serve a baked potato with your hamburger recipes and you can partially cook it in the microwave and finish it off on the grill if you want to.

Not So Healthy Side Dishes

Sometimes the not so healthy hamburger side dishes are the most enjoyable and traditional hamburger side dishes include French fries, onion rings, fried potato wedges and more.

What to serve with hamburgers also depends on the size of the hamburgers. If you are simply serving hamburger patties or sloppy joes, you can make mashed potatoes, boiled vegetables, and gravy. If you are making double bacon cheeseburgers, that might be a meal in itself and require no side dishes!

If you are having a cookout, what about preparing a few side dishes that people can help themselves to? Some of your guests might want some salad, French fries, onion rings or whatever and others might be happy with just their hamburgers.

A Selection of Hamburger Toppings

Macaroni salad, baked beans and pasta salad are all nice with hamburgers and you can also serve hamburger toppings for people to help themselves to.

Hamburger toppings, which people can add at the end of the hamburger cooking time, include cheese slices, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and beets. You can leave these out so people can select their preferred toppings when the hamburgers are done.

If you are going to make fried eggs as hamburger toppings you will want to find out in advance how many people want them because they do not do very well sitting around in the sun! The same applies to cheese and you should find out in advance who wants hamburgers and who would prefer cheeseburgers. The cheese should melt over the hamburger patty, not on the table waiting for the hamburger to finish cooking!

What to serve with hamburgers varies from person to person. Some people adore the flavor of beef and want nothing more than the flavor of the beef and the flavor of the hamburger bun it is served in. It is a good idea to prepare a few side dishes though. If you are in a rush, keep it simple with French fries and salad or corn on the cob and potato salad and everyone will be happy.

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