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What do you think of when you think of hamburgers? Many people would say the golden arches of McDonalds are the first thing to come to mind or even their favorite McDonalds burger or Burger King burger. It is fun to recreate famous hamburger recipes at home too and you might want to try a quarterpounder, a mushroom double Swiss or even a healthy veggie burger recipe for your family tonight.

When thinking about famous hamburgers Connecticut, California or New York might spring to mind, since hamburgers are closely associated with the United States. You might already be familiar with the Rally’s hamburgers history, the history of White Castle hamburger recipes, or the history of McDonalds and such facts add to the whole eating experience.

Popular Fast Food Chain Burgers

At White Castle, you will find jalapeño cheeseburgers. At McDonalds you can eat a Big Mac, which is probably the most famous hamburger in the world, a quarterpounder, bacon cheeseburger or one of many other varieties. These famous hamburgers also come with a variety of side dishes, including fries, onion rings, salad and more.

These burger chains might have started out with hamburgers and fries only but now the menus include many other items, such as chicken sandwiches, fish sandwiches, breakfasts, desserts and milkshakes. The menus of the international chains vary country by country but hamburgers are popular the world over.

Burger King, which is called Hungry Jack’s in Australia, also sells very well known burgers such as the Whopper. Wendy’s is famous for their square patties.

Louis’ Lunch in New Haven, Connecticut, has been selling burgers since 1895. This restaurant claims to be the oldest hamburger restaurant in the United States. The burgers at Louis’ Lunch are broiled in original 1898 Bridge & Beach vertical cast iron stoves.

White Castle is famed for their slider style burgers. They have trademarked the word “Slyders” and these are two and a half inch burgers with five holes punched into them. The holes eliminate the need to flip these burgers and help them to cook evenly. These burgers were first sold for five cents each in 1921.

White Castle was the first company to sell their burgers in vending machines and grocery stores. They now have more than four hundred restaurants all over the United States.

Red Robin and Fuddruckers are burger chains specializing in restaurant-style hamburgers rather than fast food chain style. Restaurant style burgers are thicker. Fast food chain burgers are thinner so they cook faster.

Hamburgers might have originated from Germany might they are very much a national institution in America and lots of people love to eat hamburgers at least once a week.

Making Famous Hamburger Recipes

The great thing about famous hamburger recipes is that they are just as versatile as all the other hamburger recipes so if you want to tweak a recipe, maybe adding fried mushrooms or using a different kind of bun, you can personalize your hamburger recipes and cheeseburger recipes however you like.

A lot of the most famous grilled hamburger recipes are actually very simple to make. Hamburgers are naturally juicy and tasty if you make them right, which means that lots of different seasonings are unnecessary. Hamburgers for fast food restaurants are normally mass-produced and frozen so restaurant style hamburgers and homemade hamburger recipes are juicier and more flavorful. If you have never tried a homemade hamburger before, you are in for a real treat!

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