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Welcome back to my site. I appreciate when people pay me a return visit. I hope you are finding lots of yummy things to try. Once again thanks and enjoy my site. If you have not had the chance on past visits to sign up for our newsletter you might wish to. Another fun way to see what is new is by following one of our social pages. Christine

Hi. I’m Christine, the owner of the Recipe Publishing Network, and I wanted to tell you a bit about me and my business. You’re probably wondering what qualifies me to write about food and share this information with you. Well, that is a multipart question.

One of my main qualifiers is that I’m the mother of four wonderful boys and, as any busy parent knows, this means experience with extensive meal planning; keeping my boys happy and well-fed is a major part of each day.

One of the things you will notice is quite a few of my sites begin with the prefix of “easy” and this is no mistake. About fifteen years ago, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and this has had a major impact on my family and me, with regard to the way we do things. One of the ways it has affected me is to limit the amount of time I can spend standing in the kitchen.

Since I have never been a quitter and I wasn’t about to turn to that garbage food in a box for my family, this left me having to work smarter in the kitchen. Along with this came the need to make things “easier” without sacrificing quality. You will find this concept reflected in all of my sites and none more than one of my first sites,, which is a collection of easy-to-make dessert recipes that cut down on the work but not the taste.

Not everyone has physical limitations like I do but not many people want to make complicated recipes every day, especially if they have a houseful of energetic kids who need regular good food.

As my boys turn into teenagers, life and food seem to go hand and hand. I want my kids to always have quality food so making recipes that reflect this is imperative in our daily lives.

The other problem I have with MS is that my work options are limited. Not many employers would give me the chance I wanted for a better future for my boys. So, I took my love of food and started trying to learn all I could about running an internet business. I searched and hit a lot of dead ends before one day buying a small website on eBay. This introduced me to the world of content publishing.

That site I still run till this day and it’s called It’s my oldest site and it’s had many upgrades and more than a few redesigns to bring it to the site you see now. Today it is totally CSS-based and much bigger than what I started out with, with that little site on eBay; the only thing still the same is the name.

That was almost 5 years ago and, many sites later in many recipe specialties, we have grown into quite the little business. All our sites have been upgraded over the years and one thing we try to incorporate into all our specialty food sites is value for you, the visitor.

I am sorry to say that in my opinion many of the so-called recipe sites on the internet, belonging to my fellow webmasters, are pure junk and a waste of time. When I set out to put my name to a site, I aim for a site loaded with 100% unique content that answers the food and cooking questions you are asking and hopefully inspires you with excellent recipes, cooking tips and meal suggestions, as well as all the exciting variety that home cooks need. I aim to make sites that not only am I proud to put my name to but also sites that you will want to share with your friends and social bookmark to share with others.

That brings us to this blog. It has come to the point where the business has grown so much that I need a way to share all this with you, a way to let advertisers know about us and to make it easy for you to find all our other sites. That is why I wanted to start a company blog – to share even more cooking and food information with you and to get the word out about our sites. This blog is our central hub and, if you want to learn more about anything related to food or discover some new easy recipes, this is a great place to start exploring from.

Starting in the spring of 2011, we have launched a major social media campaign to introduce even more people to the high quality food sites in the Recipe Publishing Network family of recipe and food sites. As we look to the future, I hope to grow the business to cover even more specialty food niches and, to this end, am close to launching my newest site –

After this more general site, I plan on adding more specialty food sites to my existing group and I have some really overlooked subjects to be covered. I hope you enjoy the blog and, if you have a minute, please take some time to add us to your favorite social media site. I truly appreciate the votes of confidence. It helps me keep putting even more resources into the business and delivering even more high quality food information to you.

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Christine Szalay-Kudra

My name is Christine and I am delighted to welcome you here. Food is such a huge part of our family's lives and being able to find menus, recipes and cooking tips in one place online is something busy parents can really appreciate, which is why the Recipe Publishing Network aims to bring you exactly that.

Choose from all the best meal ideas which your family will love, and learn cooking tips such as how to marinate chicken, how to make a fantastic salad or how to make Mexican food, as well as sweet treats like cookies, cakes and pie recipes.

Find out how to make recipes using rhubarb, asparagus or seafood, and discover quick and easy meals which will taste like you spent hours slaving over a hot stove. The Recipe Publishing Network offers recipes, cooking tips and meal ideas regardless of budget, taste or occasion, so there is something to tempt every palate.

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