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What is the Recipe Publishing Network?

Recipe Publishing Network, or RPN, is a family-run business of fine food sites. Our approach to food content is a little different from many of the big sites, as we see it this way: when you are looking for a recipe, you do not need a million of them. You need that one really special recipe which is going to make the occasion something special.

That is why we fill each of our recipe posts full of top quality writing, and deliver you more than just a simple list of ingredients. We take our time to make sure our recipes are the type you will want to serve to your family and friends over and over again, the kind of recipes which are destined to become family traditions.

What I bring to the Table

When I started out years ago, finding quality recipes was a challenge. I found big recipe sites lacking that personal touch and the kind of information I needed to make educated choices for my family. As a working mom, and someone with health issues, I needed something I could do from home, and food has always been a passion of mine and my family’s. I wanted to bring my many years of experience working in the food industry to a food site which would make a difference to other working moms.

Over the years, I have delved into many different food topics, but I always bring this passion to each one, and aim for sites that you will want to pin, bookmark, and share with others, the kind of site I can take pride in. This is where my inspiration for RPN came from, and this is the reason I strive to make it bigger, better and always user-friendly.

So, on behalf of my talented team, I invite you to explore the wonders of the sites in the Recipe Publishing Network, or just delve into our main company blog to discover new recipes, flavors and inspiration for cooking.



The Network at a Glance

A Quick look at some of the key sites in the Recipe Publishing Network of fine food sites.Weekday Recipes



Our Food Sites

amazingsouprecipesWe hope you like our approach to food sites and come back often. Also, if it’s not too much trouble, please share us with others. Your help enables us to focus on what we do best – offer great food content to our readers. You will see when you browse the RPN website that we offer an eclectic range of recipe types, and you can find all kinds of things from comfort food like chicken soup, appetizers and good old-fashioned American food, to modern fusion cuisines and new spins on classic recipes. Food is a real passion for us, which is why we love to keep up to date with food trends and learn all the best recipe tips and tricks to share with our food-loving readers.

If you are curious about international cuisines you will see we include recipes and information about all kinds of international fare, from Chinese to Mexican and Indian to name just a few. The Recipe Publishing Network brings together a wide variety of food sites so whether you are looking for an appetizer, snack, lunch, dinner, dessert or beverage recipe, or you want some new cooking tips or ideas for a specific ingredient, hopefully we have something which is just right for your needs.

As well as recipes and cooking tips, we offer information and tips about holiday food and catering for parties large and small. We take a close look at numerous food and drink topics such as restaurant secrets, health and nutrition, using appliances like crockpots and pressure cookers, and we also have some recipes you can make using your favorite wine. We hope our passion for food shows clearly, no matter which culinary topics you are most interested in reading about, so feel free to take a look through the different categories or follow the links to more specific food sites, depending on what kind of cooking you wish to explore today.

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See all the Recipes of Our 30 Days Of Thanksgiving Countdown

30 Days of Thanksgiving Countdown

With Thanksgiving coming up soon, we are creating 30 unusual Thanksgiving recipes in our lead-up to this festive occasion, including everything from appetizers to snacks, sides, desserts, and of course the main meal itself. We have traditional recipes like roasted potatoes, pumpkin pie and green bean casserole, along with more unusual choices like pumpkin risotto and even vegetarian alternatives to turkey. Thanksgiving is an occasion where it is best to plan ahead – not just inviting your guests, working out how many are coming and heading to the store for a huge turkey, but planning what appetizer will be best before your entrée of choice, what sides you can make, whether you are preparing your own dessert too, and of course which items you are going to make ahead.

30 Days of Thanksgiving Countdown Recipes at a Glance

Although this might sound like a lot to consider, it helps when you have a selection of carefully chosen recipes you can easily access, and that is the reasoning behind our 30 days of Thanksgiving countdown. You can view all the recipes and take a look at how they are going to turn out because everything is photographed. So what are you going to make for your family and Thanksgiving guests? Are you going to switch your usual appetizer for something different, make a huge turkey and offer some favorite side dishes along with a more unusual one, or do you have some vegetarians attending the festivities as well? Make a list of how many people are coming and what kind of food you want to make, then bookmark the recipes you like and you are halfway there.

We recommend you choose some make-ahead dishes, perhaps the appetizers and dessert, so you can focus on the entrée and put all your energy and focus on getting all those final touches just right. Get some extra pairs of hands in the kitchen if you need them too. Creating wonderful Thanksgiving recipes should be fun rather than a chore, and there is no reason it should not be, as long as you have planned your Thanksgiving menu ahead of time. We are adding a brand new recipe every day so if you are keen to find out what else you can make this year, keep an eye on our Thanksgiving recipe countdown and perhaps you will find a new family favorite that they request next year and the year after that, and who knows, you might have a new family tradition!

Want to talk food come join the discussion at our food channel Some Food for Thought.

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Choose from all the best meal ideas which your family will love, and learn cooking tips such as how to marinate chicken, how to make a fantastic salad or how to make Mexican food, as well as sweet treats like cookies, cakes and pie recipes.

Find out how to make recipes using rhubarb, asparagus or seafood, and discover quick and easy meals which will taste like you spent hours slaving over a hot stove. The Recipe Publishing Network offers recipes, cooking tips and meal ideas regardless of budget, taste or occasion, so there is something to tempt every palate.

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